Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Captain Destruction

Last night Silas wouldn't go to bed until almost 10. He stood and screamed his head off in his crib every time I tried. So, since he was relatively happy to play by himself, I let him stay up. I was lounging on the couch, watching TV, when I heard rustling tin foil...

"Hey Mom."

"Oh, did I do that?"

And I guess I didn't clean it up fast enough. Next thing I knew there was about 5 metres of plastic wrap unraveled and twisted in such a way that it was totally unusable....

I probably should child-proof my kitchen, but when it provides him with so many hours of quiet play, the clean-up I have to do somehow seems worth it :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Other Goings Ons

After the wedding we had a few days in Georgia to hang out before we came back home. One of our stops was at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was amazing - though if it wasn't for the football-stadium-sized tank with whale sharks and other enormous fish, I would say that it's comparable to the Vancouver aquarium.

Having a little too much fun with our 3D glasses on...

Meanwhile at home, "Granny" (my mom) was keeping busy looking after the kids. Thankfully everyone stayed healthy and safe, and the weather turned beautiful and sunny!

Silas did great and was so used to Granny taking care of him. When we got back he was more than willing to let Granny feed him and put him to sleep. So much nicer than the days when Micah & Keziah were little and wouldn't get warmed up to Granny (or Grandpa) until it was time for them to leave.

I missed Mother's Day with the kids while we were away - including the Mother's Day tea at Micah's preschool. But Granny was able to go in my place and Micah got to bring home a plant for his mom and his grand-mom :)

A few days after we returned, Micah had his very first baseball game. I signed him up for the Kids Interchurch Baseball League - a very low pressure way for kids to have fun and learn a bit about the game. Micah was really nervous about it and needed some convincing, but he did great.

Micah and his friend Max chatting in the outfield.

A clip of his first time up at bat.

Keziah and I spent last Saturday afternoon at a Tinkerbell birthday party. She got to dress up like a fairy for the event and I couldn't help taking lots of pictures :)

Erik & my mom did some work on our little "yard" this past week - putting in new bark mulch and a few plants.

And a little trip to Birchwood Dairy...

Today we dropped my mom off at the airport. It was so great having her here. And the weather was perfect right up until she left - now it's rain, rain, rain for the rest of the week... :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chris & Jessica

So many pictures to post, so little time...

I will start with the biggest event of recent days: the wedding of Chris & Jessica. Chris & Erik are cousins and, being only a year apart in age, have been quite close over the years. I actually knew Chris before I knew Erik, since we were freshman together at Bethany Bible School back in the day. It was awesome to get the chance to attend his wedding in Braselton, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) and it was especially nice to go away without the kids :)

They got married in a beautiful little church in the woods...

Erik's Uncle Gary, Auntie Doreen, and cousins Mark & Chris.

Waiting in line to sign the guest book with Erik's Aunt Sharon & Aunt Shirley.

The many groomsmen waiting for the many bridesmaids to arrive.

I love this video of Chris watching his bride walk down the aisle.

At the golf course, waiting for the reception to begin.

All of the tables were named with locations that have significance for the couple - from Ontario to Nairobi. Our table was aptly named "Vancouver".

We love Jon Hamm.


After some dinner and dancing the couple had the grandest wedding exit we've ever witnessed - a helicopter landed on the green right outside of the reception hall, ready to whisk Chris & Jessica away to their hotel. All the pictures I had of the helicopter departure were much too dark and not worth posting - but definitely a fun moment for us guests!