Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Wedding Day

We went to a wedding yesterday.

It was a beautiful day.
Sunny. Warm. Bright.
And we watched as Auntie Rosanna and "Uncle" James were married.

The boys were dressed in their matching Sunday best.

And Keziah was all dolled up for this very special day.

The nieces and nephews were so excited. Evident in the way they crowded around to stare at Auntie Rosanna through the glass doors as if she was some breakable treasure :)

They got married in a lovely big Anglican church in Vancouver - big enough to seat their 500 or so guests.

And the dress?

Afterwards we headed outside, accompanied by church bells, to the sunny courtyard for some family pictures.

The littlest nieces all wore matching dresses - Keziah and Emerson included.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of our pretty little princess yesterday...

An amazing and rare shot of Grandpa & Grandma with the 5 grandkids!

An equally amazing shot of all the Toews kids with the wedding couple - they all did so well yesterday despite the disruption to their ordinary schedules.

We didn't have great success with our own family picture, but with 3 kids, we'll take what we can get.

The "Toews" sisters.

Then it was off to the reception in the Sherbrook Church parking lot. Elissa, among others, was responsible for some beautiful decorations.

Crayons and craft paper to keep the kids busy.

Here come the newly married couple!

This was a 5-point harness that was "gifted" to James to keep him from mingling too much with his guests and abandoning his bride :)

The reception was very kid-friendly, complete with sidewalk chalk to keep them entertained during the program.

And ice cream sandwiches for dessert :)

It was such a beautiful day - full of joy and the evidence of God's faithfulness.
Yet, there was sadness mixed in with the sweetness.
Because we still wish for what used to be...
We wish it was Nathan filling this role.

But for Rosanna... we couldn't be happier.

James & Rosanna, we're so SO happy for you and we look forward to walking this next season of life with the both of you!


kelly ens said...

I love your pictures, Jamie. With so many people, we were really at the back of everything and the seating at the other tables was very tight, so I didn't get nearly the pictures you did (do you mind if I snag that last one of the two of them? It's awesome!).
lots of thoughts and prayers for your/Erik's family in this transition. bittersweet, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post \jamie. We prayed for all of you this week, knowing that it would be bittersweet. You guys look great and we cna hardly wait to see

Jen Glen said...

Thanks for all the pictures! I thought of you all and Rosanna yesterday and did pray as well. She was definitely a beautiful bride.

Mel said...

Wow Jamie - such a beautiful day. Thanx so much for posting these pictures. Rosanna looks SO happy (as does James!!). I'm so glad the day went well. She's a very special lady...

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures Jamie. Looks like it was a beautiful day of celebration. Rosanna was a stunning bride!

Anonymous said...

congrats to the newly-weds!
and a blessed life for both of them and all the family that stands behind them! what a wonderful day:)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Wonderful post. We thought of you guys as we saw you around on Saturday. I knew there was mixed emotions.

Rosanna looked beautiful and James looked SO HAPPY! We are excited for them.

mark lawrence said...

That is an amazing wedding. I am pleased to read through this post. We have also started the preparations for our sister’s wedding day. She is having sunshine themed wedding at one of the Seattle Wedding venues. The couple loves art and craft so they are creating all the d├ęcor on their own.