Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Wedding Photos

I couldn't help but post some more pictures that I found on Keith's sister's facebook page (hope that's OK Jenni!!)

The guestbook pages:

Watching the ceremony:

Pictures at the park...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weir Wedding

Today we celebrated Keith & Kristi's wedding!

I can't help but feel partly responsible for the two of them finding one another. If it wasn't for me being part of the family, Kristi never would've met my parents. And she never would've decided to move to my home-town of Boissevain last summer to work in their restaurant. And she never would've worked together with Keith's sister who then introduced her to Keith. I'm so thankful for how God orchestrated it all and brought them together.

The weekend started off with pedicures for the sisters on Friday night. We went to a cute and cozy spa called Simply Indulge where we enjoyed some fun and relaxation!

Mmmm... Chocolate covered strawberries :)

Saturday's task was flowers! We bought bunches of them from Costco and then started to create! Here is Elissa with our centre pieces:

Kristi checking out the finished products:

Saturday night was also rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was a beautiful warm evening. Here, the Weir women decided to surprise (and embarass) Keith with their matching bridesmaid dresses:

This morning was all about primping!

The blushing bride, deep in thought...

The finished product -- beautiful!

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl getting ready for their walk down the aisle:

They did really well for the actual ceremony (and this was the best picture I could get in that short time!)

The ceremony:

We headed to Fish Trap Creek for pictures afterwards. This picture gives you a hint as to what kind of a day it was:

But we still managed to find some spaces to take pictures and stay dry!

Just too cute!!

Attempting a family picture: (it's just going to get harder the more kids we add in there!)

Reception time!

Micah had a blast snapping some random pictures of the wedding guests:

Congratulations Kristi & Keith!!!

And to end off - a side profile of my 10-week belly. This baby is growing at a rapid rate!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Good Day :)

Today's been a good day thanks to my re-introduction to caffeine! I have been off of coffee since I started getting morning sickness - the thought wasn't appealing at all! But, as a result, I was suffering through the exhaustion associated with the lack of caffeine. This morning while we were visiting with Mel & Easton, I decided to have a cup and it has done wonders for my day!! For the first time in awhile I didn't feel like I needed an afternoon nap and it's amazing what you can get done when you have that amount of energy. The nausea also seemed a bit more manageable today which is good. Could it be I am reaching the end of this dreadful phase???

A rare happy sibling moment after naptime.

We have another bit of news that will mean some changes for us in the near future. Erik and I bought a townhouse and we'll be moving in the next few months! We have been living in Erik's parents' basement suite for 5 years now and it will be a big adjustment for us and for the kids to live in our very own place. We also feel the need to have a bit more space than we do. The townhouse isn't huge, but we'll have 3 bathrooms and 2 storeys, so it seems like we'll be able to spread out a bit more :) We have to give up some things - like the big beautiful backyard we are so accustomed to. And I think it will be very strange for the kids not to have their grandparents so close-by. Hopefully they will adjust well to a new home. We will be moving in mid-November at the latest, possibly sooner. So, I'll keep you posted on how all of that goes.

We've enjoyed some hot summer weather in the last weeks...

What a cute little tushie.

Erik & Micah decided to have their long-awaited treehouse sleepover on Saturday night. Here's Micah & I enjoying some popcorn and a movie:

When I was about to go to bed at 10 I noticed that Micah & Erik were still up. A few minutes later Erik came in and said that there were giant spiders crawling everywhere and there was NO way they were going to sleep in there! I don't know if the spiders were attracted to the candles they had lit or if the treehouse is just their regular nighttime hang-out, but I don't blame them one bit for coming in. They still had a blast and ended up finishing their sleepover on Micah's floor.

What we do for fun at our house:

Before I found out I was pregnant, I had intentions of using the month of August to potty-train Keziah. She's only 20 months, but she has a fascination with the potty, so I thought she might be ready. But once my morning sickness started, I realized there was no way I had the energy for it. Anyway, the other day Keziah was saying "poop" which she only says after she's gone poop. But her diaper was empty so I thought I'd try putting her on the potty. After a few minutes there was no action so I asked her if she wanted to get off and she said "no!" and clung to the sides of her potty seat. She ended up peeing, but still didn't want to get off. I left the room and when I came back a few minutes later, she had pooped! I wiped her and then she was ready to come off! So it seemed like she knew it was coming and was waiting for it. I debated starting the process that day, but I really didn't think I could be consistent with it right now. And if we're moving soon, that would likely disrupt the whole process anyway. But it would be great is she stays familiar with the sensation of pooping on the potty since I know that it can be the hardest part for some kids. It definitely was an issue with Micah.

Micah snapped this picture of me on Sunday at 9 weeks. The belly is already starting to grow...!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This part of pregnancy is NO fun!!

I actually went into this first trimester with 2 mottos:
1) feed the nausea
2) throwing up is totally unnecessary (and won't make me feel better)

These mottos were working well for me up until yesterday when feeding the nausea was no longer working and throwing up became absolutely necessary. Oh well. One episode of hanging over the toilet isn't bad. And it actually did make me feel somewhat better :P

The hardest part has been the decrease in my activity level. Erik has been pretty busy lately too, and I feel bad that he has the added pressure of a messier-than-normal house and kids who don't get out at all during the day... Thank goodness this will come to an end - hopefully sooner than later.

But, onto some pictures from the last couple of weeks...

Sleepover night in the tent on the tramp - Keziah and I stayed for popcorn and a movie and Erik and Micah stayed all night :)

Snacking on the foam-y chairs:

Keziah practicing for her big sister role:

Fun with eyeliner:

You can't tell at all, but it was POURING when I took this picture:

Which glasses suit her best - Daddy's or Mommy's??

Toews family afternoon at Aldergrove Lake:

Helping Daddy with a work project: