Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whispers From Jesus

Last night as we were getting ready to go watch Erik play hockey I was nagging Micah to get dressed. He was staring off in the distance and when he finally snapped out of it he said, "I heard somebody whispering in my ear."

Me: "Really? Was it Jesus?"

Micah: "Yeah!"

Me: "What did he say?"

Micah: "He said 'I love you.' And he said, 'I will always go with you.'"

Me: "Even to Daddy's hockey game?"

Micah: "Yeah!"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today the speculations were put to rest as the ultrasound confirmed that there is just one baby growing in my belly. Thankfully, this was the first time I was able to watch her do the entire ultrasound on a seperate screen, so I didn't have to lie there waiting and wondering any longer than necessary (though at the end I did ask her to check and make sure there weren't any more in there :)

I think this was the best ultrasound I've had in terms of the size of the baby. I've had ultrasounds at 9 weeks, 23 weeks and 18 weeks. This one was done at 14.5 weeks and the baby was just so amazingly little and cute! I couldn't believe how much it was moving and I realized I'm not feeling very many of its movements yet. I think I will be in for some good kicks and punches once it gets a little stronger! Even the technician commented on how active he/she was.

Baby holding hand up to his/her face:

Baby legs:

The technician said my dates were only one day off according to her calculations - which didn't surprise me, though it would've been nice to find out I was further along! So, my uterus must have just been so excited to be pregnant again that it decided to grow extra fast at the start or something... lol.

There was relief mixed with a bit of disappointment knowing there was only 1 - I admit twins would've been fun! And having twins would've settled the debate Erik and I have about whether we should have 3 kids or 4. However, when I think of the logistics of 4 babies 4 & under, I am thankful to just have them one at a time :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Barn, etc.

Our real estate agency threw an event for all their clients at the Apple Barn on Saturday. It was our first time going there and we had so much fun - despite a bit of rain. The agency provided live music, food, face painting and balloons, while the Apple Barn itself delighted the kids with a petting zoo, playground, hay rides and more.

The kids loved feeding the bunnies.

Micah was much braver than his sister when it came to petting the goats.



Face Painting.

Taking a wagon ride to see the apple trees.

Waiting for our hayride to start.

Riding the John Deere tractor trail.

Last week we said good-bye to Erik's Uncle Gary & Aunt Doreen who have been staying upstairs for a good portion of the summer. It was so great having them around and the kids really warmed up to them.

And just because it's funny, here's a picture of Keziah after she managed to get one of my black hair elastics over her head and around her neck!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On the Bandwagon

Everyone in our family thinks we're having twins. Well, at least there are a few die-hards who seem to be riding the "twin bandwagon" - my own mother included. I have to admit I've been thinking about the possibility a lot. Ever since my doctor was surprised at the size of my uterus it's been on my mind. I really don't think it's possible for me to be further along, so twins was my immediate thought. Since then my mind has been reeling with the possibility. This pregnancy does feel a little different, but I tell myself it's all in my head and try to dismiss the thoughts. Then my mom tells me that there are twins (maybe more than 1 set) in our family history, and that sends my thoughts off on another rampage...

At this point, the ultrasound just can't come fast enough.

Today at 13.5 weeks

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dumbo Saves The Day

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the last post - it's good to hear that Micah is not the only kid who struggles with shy-ness and anxiety. It was relieved to hear the advice about not pushing him too much, because I think it resonates with what I feel comfortable with - and I think there will be plenty of time for him to be "pushed" in the future.

On a positive note, I took him to his second dentist appointment today at Children's Oral Care Centre. Micah was anxious about going today even though last time was a lot of fun and he came home with tons of "prizes". So we decided to bring his "Dumbo" along - a Disney gift from Granny & Grandpa Harder that he has grown quite attached to. Today Dumbo did everything first - riding on the chair, getting his teeth brushed, picking out a prize. It was perfect. And the dentist there is amazing - I don't know how she did it, but she got Micah to lie back with the sunglasses on and mouth opened perfectly while she checked his teeth. We were just going for a check-up since she had noticed some decay at the last appointment, but thankfully she said the spots hadn't grown. The longer we can keep Micah away from the dentist's drill, the better!

I could tell that Micah was so proud of himself when we left the office, toting his new toothbrush, prize water gun, picture of his teeth and, of course, Dumbo!! I would recommend this office to any parent, and I just noticed on their website that they give free dental exams to children under 18 months!

In other news, I think I may have started feeling a wee bit better this week. I noticed a few afternoons where I would forget about my nausea for a few hours and realize that I hadn't been thinking about what I needed to eat next. I also had some spurts of energy where I started organizing things - I haven't been motivated to do anything like that in a LONG time. So, we may be coming around slightly - and rightfully so since I'm officially into my 2nd trimester at 13 weeks and a bit. However, the other morning I woke up with a sore throat and this morning I have a full-fledged cold. It's lousy. And the combination of a stuffy nose/throat, coughing and nausea is NOT a good one. Yuck. I remember getting so many colds when I was pregnant with Keziah and, with this pregnancy being mostly during the winter, I'm sure I will get my fair share again.

I've started to feel the baby moving already, though, which is always exciting. I have my first ultrasound a week from Wednesday and I can't wait!

Here's Keziah enjoying some of the luxuries of her young life; a beater full of cake batter and the last sips of Mommy's coffee...

This is what happens when a 21 month old is just too quiet:

The blackberries are out in full force and we gave some to Caleb when he was over last week. I think he's a fan!

Micah has been picking up the songs on the radio lately - especially since we sing a lot of them in church. Here he singing one of his latest faves, until he is abrubtly stopped by his little sister...

And congratulations to Alf, Kelly & Taeya on the arrival of Ezra Silas! I love his name and I can't wait to meet him!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunny September

Just when we thought summer was gone for good, it has given us one last sunny spell! In my 5-year experience of Abbotsford, September has generally been a nice month for weather and it looks like that trend will continue once again!

We have been frustrated lately with Micah's sensitivity and anxiety. After we overcame the hurdle of Kids Quest (Sunday School) last year, it seems he has regressed after a summer of being off-schedule. Every time Erik tries to bring him now, he has a major meltdown. Erik remembers being like this as a kid - very anxious about new situations and especially about being away from his parents. We're not sure how to overcome this. There's one thing we've decided for sure this summer, and that's to hold him back a year in school. Because of his December birthday we knew this would be a debate, and for the last 6 months it has been especially on my mind because I wasn't sure if I should be enrolling him in preschool for this fall. I felt like I was waiting for someone to tell me what to do and finally Erik just made the decision for me. Based on Micah's behavior lately, I am feeling very peaceful about it. If dropping Micah off for a half-hour of Sunday School is such an ordeal, I can't imagine dealing with dropping him off 2 or 3 days a week at a preschool. I'm just not in a space to handle that right now. And I'm praying that time will decrease anxiety and increase confidence.

In the meantime I hope to give Micah more experience playing with other kids and/or being in a class type setting (i.e. swimming lesssons, gymnastics, etc). However, just the mention of swimming lessons still brings fear into his eyes (you might remember our episodes back in the winter). And when I have mentioned gymnastics or other sports he says he just doesn't want to! So, my question for all of you is this: Do I just enroll him in stuff and force him to try new things? Or do I need to wait it out until he seems more ready? (At this point I fear that time will never come!)

Keziah seems to be growing up before our eyes. Erik and I agree that she's getting cuter all the time. She's developing this goofy little personality that is so adorable. She's also developing a very strong-willed and independent spirit. I have always thought that both of my kids were kind of intense, but I am now starting to pin-point major differences in their personalities. Keziah has NO problem being away from us (and generally behaves better from what we hear!). She has taught herself to do things already that Micah needed to be prompted to do. She has initiated pooping on the potty 3 times in the past week and I am doing NOTHING to encourage her (other than a smartie as a reward)! She also throws temper tantrums (which we didn't experience much with Micah) when she can't have her way.

I love the look on her face here as she rides the rockin' seal!

So while we may feel like Micah's personality is frustrating right now, I pray that he grows up to be a sensitive soul - and perhaps someone who will love coming home to his Mommy even when he's a grown man :) And Keziah could be the real trouble-maker when she hits her teenage years... who knows! I hope that we can point her independence and persistence in a positive direction.

My days are getting busier now as my transcription work-load increases. I have also committed to babysitting 2 days a week - one day for our adorable nephew Caleb and one day for a busy little guy who is 5 months younger than Keziah. I did some babysitting when Micah was a toddler but I'm finding it a bit easier this time as we are already in a routine and I am accustomed to having more than one kid around!

I'm still feeling nauseated every day but I think the intensity is improving. I've noticed I can go longer stretches now without needing to eat. I just can't seem to get past the exhaustion that I feel. I go to bed early and often nap, yet I still feel tired all day. Now that I need to use nap-time for transcription work, I am very thankful for coffee!

Monday, September 01, 2008


Each pregnancy, my unborn child seems to pick up a nickname from the family members. When I was pregnant with Micah, Nathan referred to him as "Bertrand" while Kristi preferred "Imogene" :) When I was pregnant with Keziah, Rosanna decided to label her "Annabelle". Rosanna felt this new baby also deserved an in-utero title and decided that it should be "Ju-Jube". It sounds like a cute and gender-neutral nickname so it just might stick :)

On Friday I went to my first pre-natal appointment. We got lucky and were able to hear the heartbeat already! It was the most wonderful sound and I felt incredibly blessed. In the last week I've heard of three different women I know who have miscarried - multiple times - and so the sound of that little heart beating at 160 bpm was truly a blessing. The early heartbeat find and the size of my uterus actually caused my doctor to wonder if I'm further along than we thought (isn't that what every pregnant woman wants to hear!) So, he's sending me for an early ultrasound (the soonest appointment being the end of Sept when I'm about 15 weeks).

It's funny the words and meanings that Micah sometimes gets confused. The other morning Erik was up with the kids and Micah came to wake me up. I told him I just needed to eat a few crackers and then I would get up. As he walked back to the kitchen I heard him say to Erik, "Mommy just needs a few minutes to eat some crackers. She's feeling guilty."

Later that same day when he found me nibbling on some crackers again, he asked me, "Mommy, why are you feeling guilty all morning??"

And Keziah provided us with some entertainment the other day. She was up at 5:30 for some reason that morning and by the time lunch rolled around, she was pretty tired. While we were sitting at the table Micah asked me to sing "O Canada" with him. As we started singing, we noticed Keziah's eyes getting heavier and heavier. I whispered to Micah that we should keep singing and see if she would fall asleep. Sure enough, this is what happened...