Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Birthday Keziah!

I still feel shocked that Keziah is a year old already. She's my baby! But the calendar doesn't lie... One year ago today I was pacing the hospital halls waiting for my induction to "kick in". It wasn't until the doctor came in to break my water around 8 pm that things started happening. Keziah was born in record time - about 75 minutes later - at 9:15 pm. I can still remember the wonderful and surreal realization that I had a baby girl!

I browsed through the pictures from this past year and pulled out a few favourites from each month of Keziah's first year:

November 2006 - Newborn

December 2006 - 1 month

January 2007 - 2 months

February 2007 - 3 months

March 2007 - 4 Months

April 2007 - 5 months

May 2007 - 6 months

June 2007 - 7 months

July 2007 - 8 months

August 2007 - 9 months

September 2007 - 10 months

October 2007 - 11 months

November 2007 - 1 year!

Keziah is pretty average for her size, resting in the 50th percentile for her weight and 75th for her height. This week she weighed in at 20 lbs, 10 oz and was 30 inches in length. When I looked back to Micah's 12 month stats, he was almost exactly the same: 21 lbs and 30 inches.

Keziah still has only 2 bottom teeth but eats pretty much anything we give her. She'll take gigantic chomps from a banana but always manages to get it all down :) She is a good eater but is recently in the "food-dropping" phase (eat one bite, drop one bite...) and we have to do a pretty good sweep job after every meal. She is down to three cups of milk per day, some in a bottle but most in a sippy cup.

We thought Keziah might be walking or at least taking some steps by her birthday, but it looks like it's not going to happen - unless she decides to do it yet today! She seems quite happy to crawl though, so that's fine with us for now.

Keziah is our serious child who doesn't smile easily for others and has rarely laughed until recently. She loves her big brother even though they seem to be always at each other. Micah's a big tease and Keziah's a little over-dramatic :) Her favourite toys these days are books, blankets, clothes, shoes and pretty much anything that Micah is playing with. She has developed an interest in the Baby Einstein videos and, in our house, they are played daily at 4 pm :)

I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and look forward to deepening my relationship with her as she continues to grow up before our eyes. My prayer is that she would be both confident and kind-hearted with a love for Jesus and for others. I am excited to see how the coming years will shape her as a person and I pray that God would make me into the mother that she needs.

Happy Birthday Keshnooku, Bunny Bear, K-Diddy, Koo-Koo Bear, etc... :)


kelly said...

Happy Birthday Keziah!!!!!
I love all the pictures you posted from throughout the year. I especially like the last one - what a fabulous smile!
She is so gorgeous and we have so enjoyed watching her grow over this past year.

Trev & Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Keziah!
Wow, such great photos you have there. I love her sixth month one.

Summer said...

Happy 1st Birthday Keziah!!!! ALl the photos are absolutely adorable!!!!

Bonnie said...

Such darling pictures... especially the last one! Happy 1st Birthday Keziah! Hope you have lots and lots of fun with family today :)

Raine said...

Happy Birthday Keziah! I love all the pictures from the last year. It is amazing how much she has changed. This also marks one year of me reading your blog. I check it everyday. Blessings to you and your family.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Keziah!!
Love the pictures... she is so precious. I can still remember last year checking your blog every hour waiting for the news... can't believe that was a year ago already!! Time flies!

Karen said...

What a cutie!! Happy Birthday, Keziah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keziah!!! Boy oh boy are you a cutie pie!! I am still really wanting to play with you sometime soon. Did you know you weigh more than I do??? Even with my cheeks (and legs) as big as they are!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!! Eat lots of yummy cake!
Love Olivia Kincaid

Janelle said...

i just CAN't believe she is ONE! wow! time flies when you're beautiful like Keziah! honestly - i can't get over her beauty...she comes by it naturally - but still. Happy ONE year Keziah! you are such a little blessing to all that know you - and i really hope one of these days i can give you a HUGE hug in person, because even though we've never met, i LOVE you, and i PRAY for are a special girl in my books - and i just wish so much happiness for you in the next year to come!!

rachel z said...

It's so amazing to me how at one year our little tiny babies suddenly seem so different. She's so gorgeous, what a treasure!

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Keziah!! What a beautiful girl you are. Great reflection Jamie! Hope to see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday keziah!
i hope you´re having a great day and that you´re showered with love in the year to come!
god´s richest blessings for you and your family!

Kathy's corner said...

Thank you Jamie for those beautiful pics, and the one of her and Nathan is pretty specail, I am sure. I am sure you must be missing him on Keziah's special day. You are all in our prayers, and your prayer for her, is ours as well. Love you all. love mom

erin said...

Happy birthday princess! For some reason I had my dates mixed up and kept thinking it was today (not yesterday when you posted this) Where did this past year go???? I can't believe your one Keziah! I hope you had a special day and we love you and really wish we were close enough to celebrate with you!
I hope to send something in the mail soon for the two monkeys!!

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

Wow those are cute pictures! I love the year portfolio, so surreal to see them grow like that. Happy Birthday Keziah!

Amber said...

happy birthday little sweetheart! keziah, you are so cute! your mommy takes such awesome pictures of you :) hope you had a special day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Keziah! I hope you had as much fun as James did turning ONE! I can't believe they are ONE. It's nuts. We love you! From: James & Heather

Suzanne said...

she is seriously beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday sweet Keziah!

Michelle said...

I've been a little slack on reading blogs lately...oops!!! So a super late Happy Birthday to Keziah! What a little doll!! Erik's gonna be in trouble when she gets older and starts batting those big, beautiful blue eyes around!

Lorrie said...

Neat job on posting all her pics like that, almost makes me want to quit scrapin and just do it that way!! lol
She's absolutly grown so so much and such a beautiful little one, you guys must be so proud ;)