Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We spent last weekend in Vancouver as the Toews family. Other than two bad nights (the first due to poorly sleeping children and the second due to me getting the flu) it was as good as could be expected considering what these last months have held for our family.

On Saturday we went to Stanley Park to ride the Christmas train - it probably would've been better in the dark but late afternoon tickets were the best we could get :) Still fun though! Micah & Keziah were both mesmerized by the visual stimulation!

Waiting to board our train:

Here it comes!

All aboard!

Visiting the petting zoo afterwards:

Hanging out at the hotel - Keziah and Caleb were playing play peek-a-boo:

Back at home and enjoying the latest craze - Guitar Hero!!

We said good-bye to Kristi who is in Ontario visiting her boyfriend this week and then off to Bethany College (yay Bethany!) for the winter semester...

Christmas eve...

A special Christmas hamper of joy!

Stockings and presents:

The tackle hug:

A little bit better :)

Thank you Oma & Opa Toews for the fun John Deere trailer!

More Guitar Hero! I'm proud to say I've found something I can beat Erik at :)

Christmas morning...

Oooh, power tools! (Thanks G & G Harder!)

Hmmm, what could this be??

We got an extra Christmas present this year - Kristi passed along Oreo to us when she left for Bethany. So far life with a kitty is going well and she has been very tolerant of the kids' rough treatment...

Christmas day also brought another snowfall - it was nice to have a white Christmas. This morning it was perfect snowman-making texture, so Micah and I made a bigger and better snowman than our last one:


Trev & Rebekah said...

I am glad your family was able to create some memories. Can you explain what "guitar hero"? And yeah for Kristi going to Bethany too. Than is so exciting. Nathan would be pumped.

Janelle said...

i've heard about that Christmas train and would love to see it one of these years! so glad you guys had a really great were ALL on my mind so so much. i'm super excited that you are beating Erik at Guitar Hero! let's see some video Jamen!!
we're also so excited to see Kristi coming out here! we'll have to make sure we spoil her somehow! though i'm sure G&G Toews will do alot of that!! :)
does this mean you'll come visit? cause that would be so so awesome!! :)
love the pic of K&M by the tree together, they really will be great friends when they grow up - so lucky to have each other...
love you guys tons & tons...and hopefully i'll call you soon to check in & chat!! :)

Summer said...

What a wonderful way to spend the Christmas Holidays!!!

Glad that you had a great time!!! Great photos of the kids and family!!

Karen said...

Dan is obsessed with Guitar Hero....I must admit, it's pretty fun! Great Christmas photos, by the way!

kelly said...

i love all of the pictures!!! Looks like you had an enjoyable Christmas! :)

erin said...

steve really wants the guitar hero game.
the train is so neat! I love that you have barely any snow and still managed to make that huge snowman!! (we are drowning in snow here!)
merry christmas!

Renee Shaw said...

Glad to see you had a good Christmas! Have a happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Glad you guys had such a nice Christmas together! Many blessings in the New Year!

Amber said...

I love the green grass sticking through the snow by your snowman!! I only WISH there was green grass around these parts :)

The picture of Micah & Keziah by the tree is so cute. Keziah's serious face is priceless...she is such a beauty!!

Thinking about you these days, hoping you are doing well and praying that there are many blessings in store for your family this new year. Love you!