Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Thing They're Cute

My patience has been tested these last few days and I was glad that Erik got a chance to see how difficult my days can be when Keziah is teething. He had a lot of compassion on me and that felt really nice :) Yesterday Erik thought he saw a few new teeth trying to break free and I told him that there'd better be!

Micah is pretty well-behaved these days - which I'm grateful for - but he loves to wake up early and that's tough. He now has an alarm clock in his room and knows that he has to stay in his room until the first number is a "6" (and yes, I agree that even that is extremely early, but hey, it's better than 5!) It doesn't always stop him from coming out of his bed sooner, but it helps me to be able to blame the clock when I tell him that he can't get up yet. I even had a brain wave this weekend to set his clock back just a little bit so that when it says 6:00 it is actually more like 6:15. And I might try setting it back even more. The more sleep I can get the better - even if it's just 15 extra minutes!

And our third "child" Oreo likes to give us grief as well: knocking down my plants, tearing up rolls of toilet paper and stinking up her litter box. But, she's still pretty cute too :)

It's interesting to observe how girls and boys play differently: In this picture Little Miss Mommy wraps up her doll while Mister Builder-Man uses his new power drill :)

Keziah has taken a strong liking to her dolly (a gift she got a while ago from Oma & Opa Toews). I captured her on video in a rare moment of contented play the other afternoon. The clip is a little dim since we only had the lamp on in her bedroom:

In the end, we love our kids incredibly despite the realities of raising them. God knew what he was doing when he made them so cute :)


Ej said...

It is nice when our hubby's realize how fabulous we are ;-) Hope this week is better and that those teeth show up!

Anonymous said...

oh yeas He did!!!!
and it´s amazing how He´s getting the kids so very cute just in time-when you think that you REALLY need to scream out VERY loud:)

Nichole said...

Uggg...those early mornings! It does get better as they get older. They still get up early, but they can entertain themselves!

Yvonne&Eric said...

It is nice for the husbands to get a brief taste of what we go through during the week:)
It's been interesting to me lately how instinctive it is for girls to do "girl" play. Kyra is in love with her dollys and is constantly wanting them swaddled or walking around the house "burping" them.
The video of Keziah was so cute - its so nice when they have moments of play like that:)

Dianne said...

Wow, I hear you on the teething! Very exhausting. Hopefully those teeth can pop out soon and give you and Keziah both a bit of a break.
This is the first comment I have left on your blog, so i am officially no longer a "lurker":)

Trev & Rebekah said...

It's okay to be real and honest and say when you are having a tough day. I often say that it's a good thing Isaiah is cute, especially when it's been a day of teething, tears, etc.
I like your idea of setting the clock back. Let us know how it works.

rachel z said...

What a good little Mama she is! And I really like how you said "the realities" of raising kids. That's a good perspective, not just focusing on the "difficulties". The cute and the not so cute, this is the reality.

Bonnie said...

Erich & Naomi have given Konrad an alarm clock too and he knows that he can't get out of bed until it says 6:30... he likes to get up early too :) I'll have to give them your idea of setting the clock back.... its brilliant!!
Loved the video of Keziah! She's growing up so fast!

Kathy's corner said...

Enjoyed all the pics of the kids, and the videeos. Here we are in Deerfield Beach, Florida and I finally could watch all the videos. Love you and praying Keziah's teeth will come through soon, and look forward to seeing you all. love granny

erin said...

Nichole is right, it does get easier in the morning when they are older. although, now I am constantly wakeing the kids up to get ready for school. who thought that day would come!
Cassidy loves the kitty picture. She loves cats and is constantly begging for one

Trev & Rebekah said...

I've been thinking that having a girl may be a benefit for when you have your next child. Girls are so maternal (you see this with the way Keziah plays with her dolly) and they want to help and be a little mom.