Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog Post by Micah

"I got to use Auntie Rosanna's camera and take lots of pictures."

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"That's Keziah."


"That's my bed. Melman needs to have a nap and he doesn't know how to sit or stand and Melman doesn't know how to sit or eat. Melman doesn't know how to walk. Melman doesn't know how to turn on the lamp. He has a belly button." (btw - Melman is the giraffe)


"Kitty! Oreo has kittens - little tiny kittens." (Unfortunately this may be true... Does she look pregnant to you??)


"I take a picture of the bathroom! I sit on the potty. Potty - that's germs!"

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"Grandpa & Keziah"



Janelle said...

oh micah - i LOVE your post!!
your commentary is the best!! :)
is your kitty really having kittens??? wow, your parents must be soooo excited about that! maybe Kamryn will have to come take one off of your hands.
and i love to know that Melman has a bellybutton, i've always wondered that about giraffes!
i'm so glad that they bathroom is a place you know well! i'm sure you're an expert already!! :)
oh - and your Mommy is HOT! :)
love ya buddy!

kelly said...

Wow Micah - I think you may have a future in blogging...

patti said...

how cute!

Anonymous said...

great post micah!
and you take cool pics! esp. of your mommy!
sorry, but i don´t know anything about pregnant i can´t tell if she´s expecting a bunch, or not....

Yvonne&Eric said...

Cute post - great picture taking Micah! (Yes, the cat does look pregnant to me):P

Summer said...


I would have to agree that your kitty looks pregnant! That is so exciting!!!

Your post is great Micah!! Great job!!

Erin said...

Way to go Micah....mommy has a future blogger on her hands..or maybe a photographer, those are some good pictures you took:D

Trev & Rebekah said...

Great pictures buddy!
Yes your kitty does look pregnant. Yeah for kittens.

See you all in a week
Jamie, I'll call you before we come out there or on the 23rd just to confirm everything for the 24th and 25th.
Thanks again,

Kathy's corner said...

Hey Micah, those are really good pictures yo took. Good job, andl you tell mommy that granny says, that Oreo looks like she will have lots of babies. Jamie, is she not fixed????? Miss you all so granny

Leanne said...

How cute! Great post, Micah.

Ej said...

Micah - the next generation of blogger! Great job.

Kitten's eh? Are you panicking Jamie???