Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kitty Ultrasounds?

It seems I may have miscalculated Oreo's due date. I did a little research and discovered that a cat's gestation is actually about 9 weeks (longer than I thought) so I'm pretty sure she's got a week or two to go. Unfortunately we didn't get an ultrasound to confirm her dates - lol :) I feel bad for the poor thing already. She wanders around the house aimlessly and just can't seem to get comfortable.

I know that not everyone is a cat-lover like me, but really, who could resist such cuteness??

I'm glad to report we've already got one taker, so if there are any other interested future kitty-owners out there, let me know!!

I still have no new pictures to post. Erik and I are hoping to pick up a new camera soon, but here are some fairly recent pictures of the kids to tide you over until new ones can be taken. (I gotta keep my readers interested!)

Playing outside - Micah fishing in Grandma's garden, Keziah looking down at her cute little crocs, Erik & Micah washing the van after our Calgary trip and Keziah watching them with a frown.

It's been a rainy week here so far, but we have been promised a hot and sunny long weekend! Bring it on!


Trev & Rebekah said...

I love cats but with Trev allergic I had to leave my cat at my parents once I was married. Then my cat swiped Isaiah near the eye and made him bleed. Soon after that my love for my cat was not the same as it once was.

GSFALK said...

Pets are wonderful! We figure they were the best gifts we ever gave our Sara and Tim - and having baby kittens, how fun! We had about 5 batches in Piura, and the marvel of watching them never ended. Fortunately we always found homes for them, or Flora would take all the unclaimed to Chato. We have a great cat now too, but the problem with cats is that so many people have allergies to cats. Bunnies are great too, if you are looking for suggestions :)

Erin Keown said...

Liam wants you to name one Mickey mouse

what kind of camera are you getting??

Kathy's corner said...

Oh, send the rain this way. We need it desparately. Miss you guys. love the

kelly said...

Taeya would love a kitty, but we wouldn't :) can't wait to see pictures of the little kitties!!!! how are they doing?
so why are you camera-less? I thought you bought one in Hawaii?

Jamie said...

Kelly - Kitties and Mama Cat are doing great. Maybe if I give a kitten to Taeya for her birthday, her parents wouldn't be able to refuse! ha ha. I wouldn't do that :)
We ended up returning the camera we got in Maui. When we bought it there was very little selection and in the end we weren't totally happy with it. But the one we used to have is on sale this week so I think we'll buy it. It feels so weird to not have a camera!

Trev & Rebekah said...

No baby kittens yet?
Thinking of you today and will continue to even when we are in another country.

Sarah said...

So how's poor Micah's lip doing? I can't believe what a collision our boys had!! As for the kitten gift to Taeya... I think it would be perfect! You would be forever in her good book, just maybe not her parents, lol :D