Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Long Time No Post

We've been busy around here - with my parents visiting, a trip to Vancouver Island, Canada Day, Erik's birthday, keeping up with my transcription work and getting ready for VBS next week... It's felt a little bit crazy. I uploaded a bunch of pictures on Facebook, but I wanted to blog about some highlights from the last couple of weeks.

We've been enjoying lots of our suppers on the patio these days. Keziah especially appreciates not being strapped into her high chair.

We went with my parents for ice cream at Birchwood Dairy:

Granny & Keziah checking out the new baby calves:

The Nathan Toews memorial cross Erik made (displayed at the Mark Centre):

We decided with my parents to spend a few days on Vancouver Island. We were able to use our friend's family cabin (where we were last year). Here we are leaving Horeshoe Bay on the ferry with my parents:

Making supper on the fire:

Grandpa helping Micah fish (they didn't catch anything):

Erik & Keziah throwing rocks and grass into Comox Lake:

Yummy yogurt:

Dirty kids + no bathtub = baby bath in a bin

Micah doing some solo fishing (still didn't catch anything):

My parents left half-way through the week and then Rosanna joined us for the last couple of nights. We had some rainy weather, so we took the time to watch our VBS music video and practice our song actions:

Micah made us nervous walking back and forth on the floating docks but he never fell in!

Getting ready to leave:

On Sunday I wanted the kids to hug for a picture, but it turned into more of a wrestling match. Keziah was crying immediately after this picture was taken :)

All but 1 of our 5 kittens have been shipped off to their new homes. They were getting a little bit too rambuctious, so now it's nice to have a few less to look after.

Keziah taking a break in the shade on a hot day:

Wednesday was Erik's birthday We had a little pre-birthday party on Canada day with a couple of friends (before heading to the fireworks) and then a family supper on Erik's actual birthday:

Now I'm off to do some more transcripting and VBS planning...


Summer said...

Hi Jamie,

it sounds like you had a fun-filled couple of weeks!! The pictures are great!! I especially like the family pics, they turned out great!!!

Leanne said...

Hi Jamie, great pictures! I love looking at summer time photos, and your kids are so adorable :)

Janelle said...

i'm so glad you were able to sneak away for a fun get-away! and that you had a good time with your parents!! :) the Mark Centre has great memories for me, and i'm so glad you are able to remember Nathan there. beautiful work Erik.
and Happy Belated Birthday!! :)
we're hoping to plan a trip to BC soon, so we'll be in touch! :)
love you guys!

Trev & Rebekah said...

You have such beautiful kids. I love the picture of the tub/bin. So picture perfect.
I am glad you were able to put up that memorial. I look forward to seeing in when we come out in the fall. Thinking of you lots this month. Actually writing this brings some tears to my eyes.

Bonnie said...

Great post Jamie! Love all the pictures. Hope you're continuing to enjoy summer through all the busyness.
Craig is pretty pumped about his golf date with Erik tomorrow :) Have a great week!

Wenona said...

Looks like you had a great vacation with your parents. The picture of the make-shift bathtub is priceless! Glad to hear that you are having a great summer so far.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I have read yoru blog- so cute! Your kids are cute as ever!!! Good seeing pics of your parents too! I haven't seen them in years! My mom was just out and so we got to spend some time at the ocean with her. Did you know Geoff and Kelly are at Vnacouver Island now and apparently have quit at Boissevain MB? (second hand news)
Anyway- love the photos. Still really want to get together with you. Sometime, right? I might need to start buying lottery tickets to pay for gas. Can't ride my bike all the way to the border.... :(


Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie...looks like you guys have had a great summer so far, I especially loved the pic of Micah fishing. Give us a call or drop us a line so we can talk about if you guys are up for a camping trip in a couple of weeks :) (maybe you just really need a week to stay at home and relax!)
Talk to you later,
Janelle W

Nichole said...

Happy Belated Birthday Erik!! We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jamie! :)