Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Catch-Up Post

The month of September is rapidly coming to a close so I thought I'd share some random pictures from the past month that have been sitting on my computer and longing to be posted!

I feel guilty that we spent a lot of our summer indoors - partly because of the insane heat we had here, and partly because I felt overwhelmed by taking all 3 kids outside. We have a TINY backyard and the kids prefer playing in the lane in the front of our townhouse - but that means that I need to be out there with them since there are always cars coming and going. This past month the temperature has been more tolerable and Silas has been more content to watch the kids play from his stroller so we've made outside time a more regular part of our routine.

There is a small grassy area to the side of our house and the kids love playing with their trucks and cars in the dirt there.

Sidewalk chalk:

Can't remember why she was crying here but this is pretty normal for Keziah :)

Chasing the neighbourhood cat that we've named "Fluffy":

It's all fun and games until somebody gets scratched.

Double-dating with Taeya & Elijah at Ezra's birthday party:

Bottle time for the babies:

And a video to end off:


Lindsay said...

The picture of Keziah with the sidewalk chalk is awesome!! Looks like it's from a magazine :)

Kathy's corner said...

Well Jamie, the tears were pretty normal for you at that age too. Love the video. I have never heard Silas laugh that much. I will call you sometime today.

Trev and Rebekah said...

I love how entertained he is by his siblings!

Karen said...

I love the "double dating" photos! So cute! :)

patti said...

hannah and jackson love watching that video!

Dianna said...

Sidewalk chalk a lifesaver many times huh? Enjoy your blessings for that's exactly what they are.

kelly ens said...

such a cute video with Silas' giggles :)
love the double date pics :)