Friday, August 06, 2010

Fracture, Friends & the Farm

An x-ray at the clinic on Tuesday morning confirmed our suspicions: Keziah's wrist was suffering a small fracture. The doctor gave her a short-arm cast and Keziah was very brave throughout - not making a peep! But I could see the fear in her eyes as the cast got bigger and heavier on her arm. Then when the doctor used water to set the cast at the end, and drips were falling all over Keziah's clothes, she nearly lost it! That's why her eyes look so sad :( The cast will have to stay on for 3 weeks - which means no swimming, hot-tubbing, etc. for a little while.

My sister, Erin and her youngest, Liam, are here for the week. Liam had fun writing on Keziah's cast.

Liam and Micah have been enjoying water on the tramp this week. Reminds me of a similar picture I took of these 2 last year. They look so much more grown up! (And I finally convinced Micah to let me buzz his head yesterday :)

Silas watching from the enclosed deck:

We've had some good visits with friends over the last week. Craig & Jen came from Regina and stayed with us for 2 nights. It was so great to connect with them! We attended Bethany Bible School together and Erik and Craig were roommates, as well as each other's best man.

Bonfire on the yard...

Picture taken by my niece Kailyn after church on Sunday... (Silas was sleeping)

Then we had a short visit with Chad & Rachel the other night in Killarney. Rachel was a good friend of mine from Bethany as well. Here they are minus their sweet baby girl, Olivia:

And we got them to snap a picture of us too just b/c we never have pictures of all of us together!

Last week my mom and I took the kids to the "Fraser Farm" to see some animals and go horse-back riding. They had such a great time!

"Princess" the goat snacking on some tree leaves:

Silas meeting the turkeys:

Keziah and a dwarf pony:

Micah waiting for his chance to ride:

Time to ride!

Micah's turn... (this picture was taken pre-buzz cut!)

Micah learned how to "steer" the horse on his own and managed to weave through these barrels.

Kailyn and Keziah meeting the BIG horses:

Saying good-bye... We'll be back again horsies!


kelly ens said...

Poor Keziah :(
cute horse-riding pictures!

Elissa said...

Oh my... those kids get cuter by the day. Come home soon!!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Missing you guys and looking forward to having some time with you all when you are home. When will that be? I actually thought about even emailing or calling just to chat and connect but I don't have your phone number.

Glad you were able to connect with friends out there.

When Trev had a cast last summer he borrowed thus rubber hand thing you can buy that allows you to put it over the cast and still bath, shower, swimm, etc.

The pony and horse rides look fun. I was hoping to find an affordable one out here in BC.

rachel joy said...

what a great farm! Micah looks like your nephew Joshua with all that hair.
Looking forward to seeing you too. Paul asked me the other day when you'll be coming home. :)