Monday, January 17, 2011

New Things

With the hectic-ness of December behind me, I have fully welcomed the regularity of January. It's only as busy as I make it. And I like it that way. And it's a good time to think about new things...

I was reading my friend Kelly's blog tonight and feeling a little bit inspired in the "new-ness" of January. I guess I'm talking "New Year's Resolutions" though I feel that term almost insinuates things-that-one-does-not-follow-through-with. And what I'm trying to convey is the sort of change that is lasting, one that results from maturity rather than just a phase.

I didn't set myself a resolution this year, but then I got an email from a friend in our church Life Group about a week ago. She was wondering who wanted to join her in her quest to finally read the Bible in a year. Without really thinking about it, I emailed back and said that she could count me in. It's something that I have always wanted to do too, but of course procrastinated. When it comes to Bible reading I get a bit lost as to where I should be reading. Without anyone/anything to guide me, it just tends not to happen. So, I figured the accountability would be helpful.

Since I was getting a bit of a late start, I had some catching up to do (and still have some catching up to do). When I was halfway through reading that first day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by what I had committed to - even though I probably spend an equal amount of time or more (probably more) reading novels and blogs and... procrastinating. Now that I am fully immersed in this regular reading, I have to say that I am really, really enjoying it. Like, way more than I thought I would. And maybe that's because I'm mostly reading in Genesis and Matthew and there's a good story line happening that keeps me interested... But I think I'm also surprised at how many new things I seem to be gleaning from each story, and the questions I have that make me want to read more.

Anyway, I write this to hopefully keep myself even more accountable. As well as to recommend this to anyone who's always wanted to do it but never gotten around to it. You can click HERE if you want to see the reading plan that we're following. It's been helpful to print it out and stick it in my Bible. And the feeling I get from highlighting each reference that I've completed -- this is for all you list-crosser-offers -- is almost worth it alone :)


kelly ens said...

'new years resolutions' make me cringe for the simple fact that they do become things that we want to accomplish but usually fade away.
love that you're diving into this challenge; praying that God will truly reward you as you read this!

Anonymous said...

wow, i always wanted to do it...but never got through...wonder if i should do it now (i really like your reading plan! it's so "calender"-like....and i love calenders...)!
we'll see!
i have some resolutions myself, bu keep them for myself, because i know that i'm not going through if i tell everyone about it! happened too many times before!
but i plan to tell the world at the end of next year:)

have a great week!

the Dees fam said...

Good for you, Jamie!!

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

I just starting doing the same thing last week, I had started up just reading the Daily Bread and noticed it had a schedule for reading through the Bible- I had a little catching up to do, but finding it interesting as well and feel better about spending time doing this while kids are napping rather than wasting time surfing the net or watching random shows.

Anonymous said...

Thatis awesome Jamie. I find that the more I read it, the closer I grow to the author. Praying it will not just be something you HAVE to do, but that when you wake in the morning, you can hardly wait to get into it. I love God's Word so much, and because it is ALIVE, you will find new nuggets of gold in it. Mom

Trev and Rebekah said...

Way to go. We started doing this too with the help of the LIFE journal. It's great. Maybe we can chat next time we are together about what is standing out to each of us.

Bonnie said...

This is something I've started doing too. I got into it when I was home with Callie on mat leave and got about half way through, but as soon as the busyness of MTE started, I got so far behind that I gave up. Which I hate.
But I've started over this month with the LIFE Journal and am also enjoying it. I feel the same... the more I read, the more questions I have & the more the desire to read MORE, grows :)
Blessings as you embark on this. I'm right there with ya! :)

GSFALK said...

I had some catching up to do reading your last blogs. Pictures are great... videos are entertaining, so fun. Way to go Jamie on reading through the Bible this year. See you next week.