Monday, March 21, 2011


It's coming.

There are sure signs of it - like these brave little blooms.

(at Mom & Dad Toews')

And black cats.

OK, black cats aren't a sign of spring.
That I know of.
But wearing spring jackets and playing outside on green grass with them seems spring-like. We found this very friendly kitty the other afternoon and Keziah could not keep her hands off of him.

Happy second day of spring!


the Dees fam said...

...or not! We got a dump of snow today :( You're right - it still is pretty wintry here!

Bonnie said...

I noticed the daffodils coming up in the front yard today & felt a spark of hope for spring! The weekend was so gorgeous & warm but then the rain came again today. Here's hoping the sun will come back soon... and stay!

Heidi said...

It feels kinda like it will never come! I'm longing for one week of straight sun!

Trev and Rebekah said...

looking forward to that spring weather

Mel said...

It's almost spring here, too, and I can't WAIT!!!