Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fireside Supper

We've got some more cousins visiting this week. And with the men working overtime at the cabin, we needed an entertaining way to pass the hours before bedtime.
So, it was time to build a fire.

The kids worked hard to gather sticks for the big blaze.

Liam was determined to cut this thick branch with his pruning shears.

No branches were too green for these boys to add to the fire.

Breaking for a tire swing ride.

Then it was time for a supper of hot dogs, chips and pop.

(Liam & Micah)

(Cassidy & Aidan)

And dessert?

S'mores of course :)


the Dees fam said...

Micah looks so grown up in that last photo - legs crossed, lounging in a lawn chair, eating a s'more. Awesome!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Yum, s'mores!

Jen Glen said...

Those crossed legs and flip flops? TOTALLY a picture of his daddy! That's Erik to a T!