Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My baby turns 3 today.

He's pretty excited about it.

And he was so willing to comply with my picture taking this morning, that I went a little nuts and took a LOT of pictures.

"I'm fwee!"

I decided to do a repeat of last year's "2" photo shoot and get some good pictures of him with the number 3 (thanks to the Ross school playground.)

Getting acquainted with his new favourite number...

Aside from the typical 2-year-old (or 3-year-old) behaviour, Silas is a super lovable kid. I honestly could just eat him up most days. He chatters nonstop and says super cute stuff all the time. The kid is FULL of personality.

(Fall 2011)

(Fall 2011)

Right now Silas' loves being outside, even if he's by himself. There are piles of rocks to climb on, puddles to dig around in and a trampoline to jump on. And the other day when I peeked out the window to check on him, there he was with his pants and undies down at his ankles, peeing away on the gravel driveway. He's a farm boy all right.

A few other things Silas loves right now:
- basketball (I have to keep reminding him not to bounce it in the house - poor Grandma & Grandpa below us hear enough noise as it is!)
- any outdoor sports no matter how cold it might be outside
- movies (this is a bit of an issue that we need to work through as he loves them way too much and thinks that as soon as we get home from anywhere it's time to put in a movie...)
- drinking his milk in a "pwincess cup"
- dressing up in costumes

And, a true 3rd-born, he loves doing everything his big brother and sister do and is catching up with them more and more. The baby stage is long behind us now and Silas is really just one of the kids!

Happy birthday Silas. Mommy loves you!


kelly ens said...

Happy Birthday Silas!!! What a handsome little guy :)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! So, so, SO cute!

KDees said...

He is the cutest little three year old EVER! Happy birthday, Silas!