Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden Party

Saturday marked our first annual garden planting day at the farm.

We started with brunch together outside, at which point the day was promising to be beautiful.

Then it was time to get to work.  Erik and the boys took on the task of potato planting.

And Grandma got the girls started with some smaller seeds.

Keziah got right to work putting peas in the dirt.

And Emerson got right to work un-planting many of those peas.

We were able to rescue most, but time will tell how many seeds escaped their rows when things start popping up.

Emerson had a great time anyway, and managed to get herself good and dirty by the end of the morning.

You gotta appreciate the Toews-style carpentry that went into this garden project.  While we planted, Doug was in the shop cutting some pretty solid-looking garden stakes, which Elissa then labeled for all of our rows.

Keziah was pretty proud of her row of sweet corn.  Mmmm.  I can almost taste it already.

And this next picture is mostly for my mom who wanted to know where we ended up planting the garden.  It's just to the south of our shop and double car-port.

I found this picture from a similar vantage point that was taken back in October.  You might remember this post about the old pig barn that used to live here and how we had this area cleared out.

Now the fun part starts as we watch and wait for our little green plants to poke out of the ground!


Trev and Rebekah said...

I love that it was a family event!

So fun!

And I love all your farm life pictures.

Bonnie said...

OK... that picture of Eme standing over Dianne and Keziah is PRICELESS. Sticking her belly out and gazing on... SO. CUTE. :)
Your garden looks awesome!

laura.h said...

Such great memories you're making! They will remember garden planting always.....I do. They might not be so fond of "weed pulling", or "pea picking and shelling" ;-)

kelly ens said...

you weren't kidding about the size of your garden - sweet summer bounty!!! :)

Mel said...

I love how you guys do things "family style". So great! Reminds me of the day Dave, Paul & Dad built the deck on our Aldergrove house - we all ate meals together outside, and the guys worked while us women visited. Fun, fun...