Monday, December 17, 2012

8 Years

This past week we celebrated Micah's 8th birthday.  

Of all of Micah's 8 years, this one was probably the hardest.  He had a rough year dealing with anxieties and fears that are far beyond his years.  But I honestly feel we've come through the worst and most hopeless season of it and for the progress we've seen in these last months, I'm very thankful.  Talking with others in similar situations, gathering information online, and doing a lot of praying have all been helpful parts of this process.  

When it came time to plan his party, we decided to keep it simple and have a party at home doing all the farm things that Micah loves to do with his Daddy - mainly hockey!

(Balloons decorated by the birthday boy)

I found a fantastically simple hockey cupcake idea on Pinterest.  White icing (with some sprinkled sugar for a snowy effect), pretzels and a chocolate chip for the puck.

We were prepared for typical rainy December weather, but thankfully the rain held out and the kids had a blast playing hockey on the street and no one complained about being cold.

After the kids were tuckered out from their game, it was time for a hayride.  These boys got a kick out of the cows and calves following the tractor.

Then to end the party, we all headed inside for hot chocolate, snacks and those delicious hockey cupcakes :)

My prayer for Micah these days is a spirit of joy and optimism.  I also pray that what he is experiencing will shape him in a positive way and make him sensitive to others who are anxious and fearful.  Lastly, I pray for the innocence of childhood to stay with him as long as possible.

We love you so much Micah :)


kelly ens said...

great post :) Happy birthday Micah!

KDees said...

Those are beautiful prayers for Micah. Glad you had a great party! :)

Anonymous said...

We are praying for him"ALWAYS". God will use him! We love you Micah. You are a very precious treasure! Love granny and grandpa

Trev and Rebekah said...

Awesome pra.ers for Micah. And I love how simple those cupcakes are.

And I am also encouraged to hear that you have seen progress over the last couple of months. That's encouraging.

rachel joy said...

aw, I'm sorry to hear he's been struggling with that. :(

looks like a super special day for your boy. 8 already. crazy, hey?!