Monday, November 18, 2013


After perusing through Keziah's baby pictures this week, there is no doubt that our 2 girls are related.  So I decided to have a little fun posting some comparison pictures of our look-alike daughters.





I had a little too much fun recreating this next pose, right down to the yellow receiving blanket.  (One might think I have a lot of time on my hands...).  Any guesses as to who's who??

Baby A:

Baby B:

I think these next pictures highlight their differences more than anything.  Keziah is much more blonde while Miriam is slightly darker, has longer eyelashes and fuller lips.



Despite the nearly 7 years that separate these two, they are most definitely sisters!


kelly ens said...

Wow - definitely sisters! On the guessing one, baby A - Miriam, baby B - Keziah? :)
beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

So cute! These pictures make me miss baby Keziah :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

M has fully lips and K has bluer eyes in these pics.

Colleen said...

So adorable!! My guess is that the second picture is Miriam :)?? Love reading your blog!

Musings of a Childless Mama said...

Hi Jamie...Loving your blog, as usual! Your pics and posts are wonderful. I have nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD! Please go to my blog, read the rules, and play along!!!