Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This part of pregnancy is NO fun!!

I actually went into this first trimester with 2 mottos:
1) feed the nausea
2) throwing up is totally unnecessary (and won't make me feel better)

These mottos were working well for me up until yesterday when feeding the nausea was no longer working and throwing up became absolutely necessary. Oh well. One episode of hanging over the toilet isn't bad. And it actually did make me feel somewhat better :P

The hardest part has been the decrease in my activity level. Erik has been pretty busy lately too, and I feel bad that he has the added pressure of a messier-than-normal house and kids who don't get out at all during the day... Thank goodness this will come to an end - hopefully sooner than later.

But, onto some pictures from the last couple of weeks...

Sleepover night in the tent on the tramp - Keziah and I stayed for popcorn and a movie and Erik and Micah stayed all night :)

Snacking on the foam-y chairs:

Keziah practicing for her big sister role:

Fun with eyeliner:

You can't tell at all, but it was POURING when I took this picture:

Which glasses suit her best - Daddy's or Mommy's??

Toews family afternoon at Aldergrove Lake:

Helping Daddy with a work project:


Laura said...

Love the tent on the tramp campout idea, I'll have to get Brad to try that with our kids. As for the pregnancy lack of energy or whatever it is, just remember that kids are very forgiving and have little to no memory of this stage of life - God knew what he was doing. I go through every first trimester feeling terrible about the kind of mother I am, try not to add guilt to your list of non-fun symptoms. Hopefully the next few weeks will pass quickly for you and 2nd trimester bliss will set it!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Hope you feel better soon. I also hope you get over it before the end of your first trimester. I had it for the whole 9 months and I don't wish that on anyone.

I think it's neat that the boys slept on the tramp. What fun memories Micah will have of his growing up years.

Jen said...

A big congratulations goes out to you two! Can't wait to meet the third little Toews! Hey, can you tell me how to blog using Picasa. I notice you use collages a lot but I can't figure out how to collage with pictures from different files. I'm stumped! The Glen one

Wenona said...

how fun to sleep in a tent on a trampoline! sorry you're still feeling sick, I hope it ends soon for you. take care!

Anonymous said...

like the first commenter said: it's so not easy to NOT feel guilty.....but the kids have each other to play and to spend time with....
keziah has grown a lot...on one picture she looks as tall as micah!

hope you`re feeling better soon!

Yvonne&Eric said...

From someone who was sick with both her kids, throwing up is definitely a necessity sometimes:)
Still hoping and praying it passes soon for you. Your kids are so cute! How fun for Micah to have a campover with daddy and Keziah definitely looks like she's ready to be a big sister. Hopefully you're having a good day!

Yvonne&Eric said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh I hope this stage ends soon... it always feels never ending to me. but i agree... throwing up sometimes just makes you feel better.
Love the pictures...

kelly said...

Hope the morning sickness passes VERY soon!!!!
great camp out idea!! :)
my vote is for keziah with Mommy's sunglasses on :)

Dianna said...

Hope there will brighter days ahead for you. I'm really feeling the last stages of my pregnancy. I hardly have a good day anymore. I'm so full of fluid and twice my size since babe is also larger then midwife wants to see. I have to see a dr. sometime this week and we'll go on form there. I'm in so much pain most of the time. Pls pray for me also.