Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weir Wedding

Today we celebrated Keith & Kristi's wedding!

I can't help but feel partly responsible for the two of them finding one another. If it wasn't for me being part of the family, Kristi never would've met my parents. And she never would've decided to move to my home-town of Boissevain last summer to work in their restaurant. And she never would've worked together with Keith's sister who then introduced her to Keith. I'm so thankful for how God orchestrated it all and brought them together.

The weekend started off with pedicures for the sisters on Friday night. We went to a cute and cozy spa called Simply Indulge where we enjoyed some fun and relaxation!

Mmmm... Chocolate covered strawberries :)

Saturday's task was flowers! We bought bunches of them from Costco and then started to create! Here is Elissa with our centre pieces:

Kristi checking out the finished products:

Saturday night was also rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was a beautiful warm evening. Here, the Weir women decided to surprise (and embarass) Keith with their matching bridesmaid dresses:

This morning was all about primping!

The blushing bride, deep in thought...

The finished product -- beautiful!

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl getting ready for their walk down the aisle:

They did really well for the actual ceremony (and this was the best picture I could get in that short time!)

The ceremony:

We headed to Fish Trap Creek for pictures afterwards. This picture gives you a hint as to what kind of a day it was:

But we still managed to find some spaces to take pictures and stay dry!

Just too cute!!

Attempting a family picture: (it's just going to get harder the more kids we add in there!)

Reception time!

Micah had a blast snapping some random pictures of the wedding guests:

Congratulations Kristi & Keith!!!

And to end off - a side profile of my 10-week belly. This baby is growing at a rapid rate!


Wenona said...

You are looking great Jamie! And that spa looked so nice to spend time and relax in. Your kids were so cute as flower girl and ring bearer!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Jamie! I was thinking of Kristi yesterday and she made such a GORGEOUS bride!! You girls did an incredible job on those flower arrangements too--- WOW!

The Koops said...

Jamie, thanks SO much for posting all these details so quickly! I hated being the only sibling not able to share in this weekend of joy and memory-making. I tried to imagine what you were all doing and how everything looked, and I'm so thankful for your pics. We talked of and prayed often for all of you, and the mixed emotions & void that are now part of our reality. (Glad to hear that your kids did well with their responsibilities - I played for a wedding on Sat. where the ringbearer completely stole the show, and not in a good way!)

Kathy's corner said...

Jamie, the pictures are priceless. I sure would like a few. Your family pictures will get easier as the kids grow up. I am glad the day was great, despite the rain. mom

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful Jamie - I think you're getting even hotter with age! - Now how many times do you hear that? You've still got it.
I miss you guys. Glad to see your doing well. May the Lord continue to bless you and Erik as you raise you're growing family.
Rachel B.

Sarah said...

Glad to see all went well on Saturday. All the Toews women look great!! And your kids are downright ADORABLE!! I also like the wee little belly your sporting ;-)

kelly said...

SO gorgeous - looks like it all turned out really well! Kudos to you all for pulling it off in such a short time :) the kids look SOOOO cute!
i think you're looking fabulous too. I don't remember how it went with your pregnancy with keziah, but I think things pop out sooner, but eventually even out. But in any case, i think you're looking great!

Amber said...

how many cute dresses do you own anyway? i think i need to come to bc to do a little shopping ;)

looks like a fun day! you must have been so proud of your little munchkins!

Trev & Rebekah said...

I agree with Amber. Perhaps I might have to join you on one of your shopping trips so I can find some fun stuff. Trev always wishes I would just go shopping with some girlfriends rather than him anyways.

Mel said...

Hey Jamie - I love your family pictures. I once read this great quote the said, "Sometimes the perfect picture ISN'T picture perfect!" So true with little kids, eh? Dave and I are excited to get together with you guys as well - give us a week or two to settle in, but after that that would be awesome!

laura.h said...

Wow, I'm so happy for Kristi and Keith! All the pictures are beautiful, the flower arrangements were stunning...good job! And the ring bearer and flower girl were so sweet. Micah's getting to be an old pro at that job!!
You look beautiful Jamie, I don't think I've congratulated you yet on this latest pregnancy...congratulations!!


The Keowns said...

beautiful pictures!! and yes, the third pregnancy cauzes you to pop out at a rapid pace, it looks as though you have a nice cute belly already. but hey, the faster you get to the cute belly part, the sooner you are out of the 'just looking fat' part. at least that is what I always thought!

The Keowns said...
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The Keowns said...
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Dianna said...

Beautiful!! Wedding and your pregnancy shot also! Your children look so adorable!
Keep checking for exciting news this upcoming Monday. I'm scheduled for induction late Monday evening. Your prayers would also be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

My parents said the wedding was great (looked like you sisters pulled it off...everything looks awesome). I can't believe how cute and prego you look already Jamie and a huge congrats on your purchase of your first place thats so great and we are so happy for the two of you...Craig I'm sure would give Erik a big kiss or something wierd like that if he could...
Janelle (the Wiens kind)

the salmon said...

aww, you are looking so cute! and great!

great wedding pics too. the kids look adorable. the family pic turned out pretty well.

so how many kids are you thinking of adding to the family at this point?