Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Birthday Highlights

Yesterday I turned 29. For some reason, that number seems so much older than 28 :) Next year will be the big one!

The birthday fun started on Saturday when Elissa & Rosanna took me for a shopping day at Metrotown. It was great to have a day away from the kids and the shopping trip was very successful - new maternity jeans and some cute new tops. Plus, the girls brought me into lululemon and told me to pick out a pair of pants for my birthday! So exciting. I love the pants and they just might be my best friend during this pregnancy (and after).

Yesterday was my day to babysit Caleb and all three kids gave me the best birthday present ever by having super LONG naps! I even managed to get them all sleeping at the same time for at least an hour. Long enough to talk to both my parents on the phone without interruption!

Last night was our regularly scheduled clothing group (a group of us girls who do kind of a clothing swap). We decided to go out for supper together at Red Robin (so I could get the mushroom burger I've been craving!) and then have dessert at Rosanna's. I ended up with two desserts since the staff found out it was my birthday and brought me a free sundae. They also made me stand on my chair while they sang. Good thing there wasn't a weekend supper crowd :)


Anonymous said...

Looking pretty hot there Jamie (like as in the look not the temperature...that will come!)
Happy Belated may feel old but having 3 kids and not even 30 yet..that seems pretty young to me :)
When's the big move?
Hope all is well
Janelle W

kelly said...

great picture of you and Micah, and i love the new profile pic!
Glad to hear your birthday was great! I know what you mean about 29 feeling so much older than 28...what will we do next year? :S

Trev and Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday. I am glad you had a fun day of shopping and getting together with friends.
You look great and I love that top too.
Jamie, once would never guess that you will be 30 next year. You look great for being 29 and having 3 kids.
I remember being young and thinking 30 year olds were so old looking. Now that I am nearing that age I realize that 30 year olds don't look as old as I once thought they did!

GSFALK said...

Happy birthday old girl!! Wishing you rich blessings, new lessons from God, joys at the birth of bundle #3. He is with you. A.Shirley

Yvonne&Eric said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!! I love it when birthdays go on and on like that. I think that's how they should always be celebrated:) You're looking great!

Leanne said...

I'm sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday!! You are one beautiful mama!

Wenona said...

happy birthday, you look fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday....seems like you had a great day with all your loved ones:)
and i totally felt the same when i turned 29....feeling soooo old...:)

have a good day!

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Lots of reasons to celebrate! :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

We do have a zoo pass. I wrote about it a few posts down. Our organization gave us money for the families since we all didn't go on the team building hiking trip. We put that towards the zoo pass.
How is Keziah liking the dog? Isaiah missed his dog today at day care since he had a hard time falling asleep. The other teddy I brought didn't do. Hopefully he'll be okay until he's at your place next. :0)

the salmon said...

you are looking great jamie :) so cute!!

Happy Birthday. sounds like a great day.

i'm about nine and a half hours into my first day with 3 kids alone ha ha...its going well. funny how this will be commonplace in no time. take care!

The Keowns said...

happy birthday, again!

My lululemon pants are my best friend, and I am not even pregnant!

Summer said...

Hi Jaime,

happy birthday!! Sounds like you had a terrific day!!

Great photo of you!! You are looking really great!!