Sunday, October 05, 2008

October Begins

I love this time of year. Crunching leaves and crisp mornings. October brings with it some especially good things like Thanksgiving dinner and my birthday :) Unfortunately it also brings the rain and the cold & flu season... Anyway, here are some random pictures from the last week and a bit.

The kids enjoyed a warm afternoon in late September playing with Micah's tractor and trailer:

Micah's hair is getting really long...

The kids have been surprising me lately as they've been playing together more and more. This week we lined our baby bath-tub with blankets and the kids took turns tucking each other in and feeding the "baby" puffed wheat. They spent over half an hour playing together without incident! Here's Keziah all cozied up:

Speaking of babies, Keziah was practicing her big sister skills on baby Ezra last weekend. She was quite pleased to hold him!

Micah being a goof:

Micah generally hates having his picture taken these days and always wants to be the one behind the camera. He follows me and Keziah around the house snapping away. So, here's me at almost 16 weeks holding up the 2% milk :)


Trev and Rebekah said...

So will Keziah be a good big sister or will she be jealous of having to share her mommy with a baby?
Hopefully the kids play well together tomorrow.

Kathy's corner said...

That picture of Keziah in the the bathtublooks just like you as a one year old. mom

Wenona said...

Micah takes great pictures! That is so great that your kids are playing together well.

Summer said...

You are looking really great for being 16 weeks pregnant!!

Great pics of you and the kids! I agree with Wenona when she says the Micah takes great photos!

Bonnie said...

Cute pictures! And you look great Jamie. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!