Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 month

Today marks 1 month since Silas Paul joined our family. When I was overdue and anxiously waiting for labour to start, my mom commented that before I knew it this baby would be one month old. She was right!

They've started giving new parents a DVD about crying when you leave the hospital with your newborn. There really isn't a whole lot of information in it that's new to me, but I did learn that the peak crying period for babies is between 2-6 weeks. So, we are right in the midst of it! It's reassuring to know that it can't really get any worse than this. Silas is a pretty good baby but there has been a lot more crying in the last week. Mostly as he struggles to get himself to sleep and stay sleeping. If I can persevere and get him to have his whole nap (instead of giving in and letting him wake early) he will take in a much better feed, be more content and be able to stay awake for longer. Of course, hearing him cry is easier said than done...

Catching a little cat nap by the window:

He continues to do quite well at night - giving me 4 hours minimum and sometimes 5 (one night almost 6!) The problem last week was that for the next half of the night he wanted to get up every hour or 2. I figured it was probably because he was sleepy and wasn't taking in a full feed in the middle of the night so I've started unwrapping him and sometimes changing him after his long stretch so that he'll nurse for longer. So far it seems to be working.

This kid loves the swing - thank goodness!

I'm really trying to be intentional with the older kids to give them their "mommy time". It's easy with Micah since him and I have time to ourselves when Keziah is sleeping. We often play Candy Land or work on activity books for part of that time. But it's a little more tricky with Keziah. The only time I have alone with her is when we've put Micah to bed (he still goes down before she does). So, I'm going to try to use that time to read books with her and give her some focused attention so she knows that Mama still loves her! She calls me Mama all the time now, and what's really cute about it is that she emphasizes the 2nd syllable instead of the first :)

I bought her these new jammies over the weekend and I LOVE them:

My creative juices have been flowing as I try to think of activities to keep everyone busy and happy these days:

We've also been enjoying some sunny spring weather!

I realized that I don't have a single picture of myself since I left the hospital a month ago. Erik never takes pictures. But Micah is a very willing photographer!

Keziah being a goof:

A little bit better:

On a side note, Erik came home with this little beauty the other night:

I am thrilled to have a 2nd TV for our bedroom - especially with hockey playoffs coinciding with shows like "The Biggest Loser"!

Also, if you can get a good look at the cabinets in our kitchen, Erik has been working hard to refinish them. They were an "early 90's" style when we moved in. Erik took off the doors and framed each one and repainted them. We just need to add some new hardware, but they already look so fresh and new! It really makes a big difference in our kitchen.

Anyway, I hear my youngest mewing for his milk so I'm off...


Wenona said...

LOVE Micah's aviator sunglasses! So cute! And I also love the show "The Biggest Loser".
I'm glad that Silas is giving you longer stretches at night.
And I am quite jealous of your tulips so big and pretty already! I was just excited to see my plants peeking out of the ground!

Ej said...

Wow I can't believe it has been a month already. I love that newborn look he has.

The kitchen looks great!

The Keowns said...

love those tulips!! and the second tv. I love my tv in my bedroom (especially right now!!)

Kathy's corner said...

Boy, has he ever grown already. Love all the pics, and what beautiful tulips. love mom

Lexi said...

You watch the Biggest Loser?? This season is the first time that I watched from the beginning and I am totally obsessed with the show!!

You have such beautiful children!

patti said...

i've never watched the biggest loser before this year. i'm so hooked! who are you hoping wins???

i always look forward to see what neat things you come up with for your kids cause i always use the same ideas...hehehe

Doug, Elissa and Caleb Toews said...

Seeing Silas in the bassinet reminds me of baby Caleb sleeping in there! So cute.

kelly ens said...

cute pictures, as always :)
yay for the second tv - size doesn't matter, as long as you can watch the biggest loser!!! (i find my workouts the morning after that show to be very motivated).
do you think silas had a growth spurt while he was up every 2 hours? actually, i just re-read that it was the second half of the night. so maybe not :) well, hoping he keeps stretching out those sleeps, day AND night :)

Rosanna Toews said...

Jamie, I love reading your blog - even when I get to see you in person. Great photos - kids - and that tv is a real beauty!

Karen said...

Silas is such a cutie! All your kids are! :) And, I'm jealous you already get to enjoy tulips - winter seems to be hanging on these last couple days and we have yet to see flowers or even leaves yet! Great post!

Trev and Rebekah said...

You are such a creative mommy. I'm impressed at how well you seem to have fit into the roll of having 3 to care for. If I ever get to have more kids I'll come to you for advice. :0)

Summer said...

Happy 1 month Silas!!!! Your kids are getting so big!! Great photos!!