Monday, April 20, 2009

Do I Have to Have a Title?

Today marks the start of another week and it was a beautiful day - shorts and t-shirt worthy even!

So, it looks like Silas is going to be a spitter. In the last couple of days he's been having huge spit-ups after some of his feeds. It might just be a Toews boy thing. Micah was a huge puker too, while Keziah rarely spit up. I could confidently burp her on my shoulder without a burp cloth in place (which sometimes freaked out other parents who wouldn't dare burp their babies without having something to catch the fountain of spit-up...) I really got used to it, but now, after going through several outfits (his and mine), I realize I'm going to have to be more careful.

Naptime was getting to be a bit of a challenge with Silas in the last week. I found I was holding him and rocking him for a good chunk of the day so that he would fall asleep (or fall back asleep after waking too early from a nap). I am stubbornly sticking to our 3 hour schedule as best as I can (roughly 1 hour of being awake and 2 of napping). So, today I started letting him fuss a bit when I put him down for his naps. I had to go in several times today to settle him, but I already noticed by the end of the day that he was settling quicker and actually staying asleep for his whole nap. I heard him fussing a few moments ago after the 1 hour mark of his nap (when he usually thinks it's time to wake up), but he fell right back asleep without me having to go in there. So, hopefully this will continue! And as for nighttime sleep, he's given me a couple of 5 hour stretches which are the longest yet. So, we're going in the right direction!

My kids look so much alike as babies - especially Keziah & Silas - can you tell which one is which in these pictures?
Read to the end of this post for the answer...

This weekend it became quite evident that Keziah is becoming a daddy's girl. I know that a big reason is the fact that Mommy just doesn't have the same amount of time for her. But it's gotten to the point where, if Erik is around, she will not let me do ANYTHING for her. I tried to take her to the bathroom during the church service and she threw a fit! I made her come with me anyway, knowing that she had to go, and she flat out refused to sit on the potty. I knew there was no way I could make her pee. And sometimes you just have to choose your battles. It's been interesting to see this shift in her. Part of me feels an eensy bit hurt, while another part is kind of relieved that I'm off the hook for helping her when Erik is around :)

I love finding the kids in strange sleeping positions. Here they were the other night when we checked on them at 10:30...

And the other night when we headed to bed we were surprised to find this in the hallway:

Unfortunately we also noticed the strange lump in the back of her pull-up. Yep. Poop in the pants. So disgusting to clean up after spending the day cleaning tiny little newborn poops.

On Saturday we went up to Erik's job-site at Cultus Lake and met some of the family for a picnic lunch at Spring Bay:

We have been getting SO much food from people which has been wonderful! My freezer is still packed with meals from before and I've barely had to touch them. I won't have to make supper for weeks yet :) The only problem is that I'm so hungry. All. The. Time. I can't stop thinking about food and there is way too much yummy stuff to munch on throughout the day. I've been trying to go out walking (usually alone after Erik gets home from work) and/or do my 20 minute pilates video (which can turn into an hour - or remain unfinished - if the kids interrupt me enough times...) but I've still got a ways to go to be back to "normal". I've never had a baby this close to summer and I just don't have enough time to fit into my summer clothes! I may be wearing sweat pants until the end of August :P

And the answer to the trivia question is... Silas is on the left, Keziah is on the right. I think she looks just a touch more feminine than he does :)


Anonymous said...

sorry for the spitting's so nice when it's starting to slow down (which is the case now-in our household:)

and they both look soooo! and you're right! keziah just looks more like a girl:)

have a great week and some nice, warm days....


Amber said...

Hi Jamie, Just to warn you, I think this comment is going to be a long one. None of my girls have been spitter-uppers, so when the rare spit up happens we are NEVER prepared. The thought of having a burp cloth around intruiges me though, you can get some really cute ones ;)

You inspire me to let Madda fuss a little more. I have always been one to VERY quickly pick up my fussing baby. I always think I'd rather pick them up before they get 'too awake' if I know they should be sleeping longer. Good for Silas for doing better after 1 day!! I hope your nights keep improving too!

I did guess Keziah was on the right. They do look so much alike, but I agree, K does look more feminine. So cute.

I can SO relate to what you said about Keziah becoming attached to her Daddy. (Except for us it happened with Jayda of course) Shortly after M was born it got to the point where I think Jayda could have gone a whole week without seeing me and she would have been fine. :( It was sad, but thankfully she pulled out of it. When Erik was gone on MDS for 10 days me & her had some good Mommy-daughter time and that was so good. I felt like she 'needed' me again. It is hard with 3 though, to make sure you give enough lovin' & attention to ALL of them equally. And I've learned that some days it's definitely not equal, but if you look at the bigger picture (like maybe the course of a few days, or even a week) it all evens out. (at least that's what I shoot for!)

Good for you on the exercise - it feels good, doesn't it?? I have a huge appetite's the worst after a big meal when everyone else is STUFFED and I feel like I am as hungry as when I started. For good reason tho...nursing for one day is the equavalent to running 5 miles, right? (I think I heard that once...) and then add 2 other energetic kids.

Well, I warned you that this was going to be long. I haven't commented on blogs for a few days, so apparently I got it all out on this one post ;) Have a great day!

Kathy's corner said...

So, Silas is a spitter. He did so well when I wa there. Good for you, to let him fuss. They just like to get away with as much as they can, even at such a young age. He is so adorable and has grown. How much does he weigh now, and I guessed he was on the left as well, but it took me a bit. ENJOY your food. DON"T get stressed about the weight right now. gradually your appetite will slow down. Another key thing to remember, is eat protein at lunch. It will help curb your cravings throughout the day.Just remember, what Micah told you,"Mommy, you look FABULOUS" Love you, and will chat soon.

Wenona said...

I guessed right! yay! Glad to hear that he is doing good at nights and is able to settle himself. Hang in there - it's worth it. Although I can't vouch for last night in our home...
And I was looking forward to having a huge appetite after Koen was born, but it was the opposite for me. I ate when I needed to (or had to), but I was never terribly hungry. I was disappointed! And if Amber's comment is true about 1 day of nursing = 5 miles of running, then whoa baby! I've run a few marathons already! lol.

Karen said...

Nope, you don't need a title! It was a great post either way! :) And, don't worry about the summer bikini body! I'm sure you'll look great even if you're a size or two bigger - besides, that might be a good excuse to head to Old Navy to pick up some new cute clothes that fit and make you feel great! :)

Lindsay said...

pictures of Keziah sleeping are quickly becoming my favourite! She is quite the contortionist!

kelly ens said...

ok, before reading, i thought it was silas on the left and Micah on the right! your kids obviously look alike :)
I can't believe she fell asleep in the hallway...with a poop in her pullup, no less! :)
I didn't have the hunger with Taeya, but with Ezra, i was endlessly hungry. i was a bottomless pit!!! i couldn't believe it. But i knew he needed the calories, so i ate up! :)
i hope Silas' sleeping habits keep heading in this direction for you! :)

Leanne said...

Where did you get that CUTE sleeper on Silas in the first picture?! I think I must get one!

You sound like such a pro with your kids that I think I may be emailing you with lots of questions when we start our journey with two!

Great post, cute kids :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

I don't think you have to have a title. I often struggle to find something creative enough to capture the attention of my readers! :0)

Isaiah spit up so much that I didn't have any nice clothes that spring when he was born nor that summer really. I usually ended up with puke down my back or even in my belly button. Not fun! I had a number of shirts I had to even throw away. I eventually realized that I needed to burp him more in between feeds rather than wait till the end when he was right full. Some times I think we keep feeding when really all they need is a good burp.

I am proud of you for exercising. Wish I was there to go for walks with you in beautiful BC. It's cold here. I did manage to go for a run this morning though so I am proud of myself.

Know whether or not you fit into your summer clothes I will still think you are one beautiful woman on the outside and inside. I didn't fit back into my jeans size that I was in before Isaiah till just this Christmas. It took a long while for my hips to go back into place. Now I feel good but that took 2 years to feel like I look good again.

Hope you are all doing well. We miss you guys.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Oh and one more thing. I ate a TON while I was breast feeding. I ate ice-cream every day. I lost a lot of weight right after I had my son but then I seemed to eat it all back.