Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

The Vancouver Canucks are playing tonight and even though I am interested in the outcome, I find it impossible to just sit and watch an entire hockey game. So, I will blog the events of the weekend while keeping one eye on the TV :)

The new sleeping arrangements are going really well. There has been no problem with the boys sharing a room. Silas is usually just waking up once a night to eat now. Micah doesn't even stir when Silas cries at around 3 am for his feed. They've both been waking around 6:30 am but this morning everyone slept past 7 which was great.

Cute :o)

I think Keziah is happy to have her own room. It's my favourite bedroom because of the 2 bright windows and it will be fun to "girl" it up a little bit.

She's been having a little bit of a tough time staying in her room though. Nothing like what we went through with Micah, but I think she's still adjusting to the new arrangement. The other night we came up the stairs and found her fast asleep in the hallway again...

We moved the playpen downstairs the other day so that I would have a safe place to lay Silas down (safe as in no poking Keziah fingers or jumping Micah feet). We've also been letting him catnap there in the evenings. He's been pretty content to spend long periods of time in there staring at the ceiling :)

The kids' latest favourite activity is baseball. Erik will often take them to the park after supper and pitch balls to Micah. Keziah's main job is back catcher which she is glad to do! Erik told me how well Micah is doing at batting and I got a chance to see for myself the other night when I joined them at the park. I woud say Micah hit about 75% of the pitches and can actually hit the ball pretty far!

Just to prove I was actually there...

Here's a video of one of Micah's hits. I almost missed it because I was distracted by Keziah's back-catching (and the couple making out in the grass behind the fence...)

Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day. Here are Micah and Keziah ready to head off to church:

The afternoon included a trip to Birchwood Dairy for fun and ice cream. I'm not sure how both the kids ended up in white shirts while they ate their "gubble-bum" ice cream but it made for some cute pictures!

Wow - it's been a long time since we've taken a picture of just the 2 of us!

Just being cute!

Sitting up on the wagon seat:

Here are the kids on the same wagon almost 1 year ago!

And on the topic of how the kids have changed, I realized this week how much Micah has grown up. Every 6 months I take the kids to the health unit to get a flouride varnish on their teeth and every single time Micah screams his head off. I had to take them again this week and I knew going into it that, this time, Micah would do OK. We talked about it beforehand and, sure enough, he was very brave and co-operative even though I could tell he was a little anxious.
Also, when I first mentioned preschool, he would get very anxious and not want to talk about it. Now when I bring it up, I can tell he's starting to get excited. It's a relief to see him growing out of his over-anxious behavior and developing the ability to cope with stressful situations.

Silas spends so much of his day swaddled up or in his car seat, but he looked so handsome yesterday that I had to snap a few pictures:

Silas is doing really well. Everyone always asks me if he's a good baby and it's hard to know how to answer that question. I don't think he's an exceptional baby, but I definitely think he's a good baby. He doesn't often cry for no reason at all and he's generally content to be in the swing or the playpen for awhile after he's been fed.

One unique thing about Silas (from our other 2) is his cry. It has a raspy sound to it that is really different and cute :) I should record it sometime so that I'll always remember what it sounds like.

Silas is smiling at us more and more. I took a video of him the other day and even though there aren't any huge smiles, it was still cute enough to share:


Amber said...

what a great post!!!! silas sure has his 'own' look now, SO adorable! i loved keziah in the video...what a fun thing to do as a family!

WHAT is going on in this hockey game?????? ARGH.

Amber said...

oh ya, and it's HILARIOUS how many pictures you post of your kids in funny places/positions!! so funny! they like to keep life interesting :)

Wenona said...

I get a kick out of the way your kids fall asleep. So funny!
And Silas is SO cute in his little "man" outfit. Love it!
Looks like you are having great weather out there, I can't wait for shorts weather to start here.

laura.h said...

Oh Jamie,
That baby boy of yours is so handsome!! He makes my womb ache. Joel tells me to just take a midol...
I just wanted to tell you today that you are such a great mom! I wish we could spend more time together, but I don't have to be near you to pray for you everyday and know that you are doing such a great job as a mom. Your kids are proof.
Love ya,

Karen said...

Jamie, you're so good about taking the "every day" photos! I need to do more of that! Your kids are so cute! Love the photo of Keziah wandering in her flip flops with the ice cream! And, Micah is going to be quite the little baseball player! My dad has been doing some pitching with Tyler and he's getting better with his hand-eye coordination too! It's too bad Micah and Tyler couldn't be on a little baseball team together!! Hope you have a great week!

Ej said...

Love the pictures of the boys together!

All these cute baby pics makes me think about having more...Ryan not so much - lol I have been told to step away from the computer :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Silas is just too cute! He's so big already and grown up.
I love the Keziah sleeps anywhere.
That picture of Micah and Silas in bed was cute. At first I thought Silas was a doll because he's so perfect.

Kathy's corner said...

Oh Silas is growing so much, and I remember the last year pics of the Birchwood dairy. Yummmm!! Keep the videos coming. We love to watch them. Miss you all so much...Mom

kelly ens said...

great post, and such cute pictures of all the kids. i love the pictures of M&K with blue all over their white shirts :) and the pics of Silas in his SUPER cute dress shirt!!! :)
glad the sleeping arrangement is going well :)

Lindsay said...

your kids are so stinking cute! i love how Keziah followed Micah to the bases :) And that she sleeps in the funniest positions! I'm really glad Micah is getting less anxious; I was like that as a kid and you eventually grow out of it. Understanding/ supportive parents are definitely a big help! :)

Summer said...

Love your kiddie photos!! The pictures are so adorable!!!!

Way to go Micah for hitting those baseballs!! He is good at it!!!!

Glad you had a good weekend!!!

Janelle said...

oh Jamen. i just have to tell you how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE your updates - and all the pics!!! i love "seeing" you & Erik as Mommy & Daddy!!! sure makes me miss you guys!!! i'm so glad things are good right now...and that you can spend time just loving on your munchkins. still hoping there will be someway we can see you this summer! everything is still so up in the air we have no idea if vacations will happen or not. i will be sad, cause i'd love some Toews time. :) HUGS you guys, and lots of love. Enjoy that BC sun for us (we got snow today!).

Trev and Rebekah said...

Thanks Jamie for your comment. Yeah people wondered if it was real that we were getting married. One person thought we might be posing for an add or something. It was fun to tell people that it was really just our anniversary!

hilda said...

enjoying your blog and I have to tell you that you have beautiful children. You have been blessed.Treasure every moment with them. love Auntie Hilda