Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 months

Silas turned 2 months on Thursday and had his check-up the same day. I had to wake him up from a nap to bring him in so I expected him to be fussy and out of sorts, but he didn't cry at all for the doctor and even offered some big smiles! I keep hoping he's going to be my happy and easy baby so when he pulls off something like that I start to think my wish might come true!

Silas weighed in at 11 lbs, 5 oz and measured 24 inches long. There is some discrepancy with his length because they told us in the hospital that he was 24 inches. Hmmm. At his 1-week appointment he had (apparently) shrunk down to 22 inches. And now he's back at 24 ?? I know it's hard to get an accurate measurement of an infant when they won't stretch their legs out properly, but I wish I knew what to write down in his baby book. He's definitely longer than he was at birth. His pants and sleepers can testify to that! Anyway, his weight puts him at the 50th percentile and his length at the 75th percentile.

Silas has proved to be pretty good at spending long periods of time alone in his playpen (like right now while I'm blogging). And he actually doesn't mind his tummy time:

Our nights have been going better and Silas' stretches have been a minimum of 6 hours. If he wakes up sooner I've let him fuss a little bit and eventually he'll drift back to sleep (after I give him his soother). So, I really can't complain!

I also took Micah along to the appointment to ask about the cold sores that he gets so frequently. He'll sometimes get them one right after the other and it's so frustrating. So, now we've got a new cream to try out next time he gets one. I also happened to mention to my doctor that we were holding Micah back from Kindergarten. He applauded my decision and told me that they had done the same with one of their sons and never regretted it. He made the comment that, if it was in our power to give our kids a head-start in school or make them play catch-up, wouldn't we want to give them the best chance? As confident as I am in our decision, it still feels good to hear such positive affirmation!

Now I'm starting to wonder if I should do the same with Keziah (Nov 22 birthday). It's probably too soon to decide that yet, but I'm starting to think about it more. As it stands now, Micah and Keziah will only be 1 year apart in school and then Silas will be a whole 3 years behind Keziah. If we held Keziah back they would be nicely spaced every 2 years apart. Should that matter?? Also, when I think about the benefits of holding her back, wouldn't I want her to have the same advantages?

Anyway, that's enough from me. Now onto some more pictures. I took quite a few the other day because my mom had requested some new ones...


Trev and Rebekah said...

What good looking kids you have. I love the pictures of Micah!

I had issues with my son's length too during the first few months. I often wondered if they just measured him wrong the very first time. Who knows! All I knew what that he was LONG! And he still continues to come in at 90% for his height.

I've said this before but as a kid who was help back I am so thankful for that and where I am at because of it! I think it's good to see where Keziah's friends are at and which ones she might so to school with too.

kelly ens said...

cute pics of the kids! :)
isn't it so nice to feel affirmed in big decisions like that? that's awesome!
glad silas did so well for his check up too :)

Summer said...

Cute photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

those pics are great! the big kids changed a lot during those past two months....
it's nice to hear that you're feeling so confident about your decision!and nice to hear that a doctor is so supportive.

have a great weekend!

rachel joy said...

I think the 2 year space thing is great. nice and even. I'm bummed that Jax will be 3 years behind Marty. If it was reversed, and you had the 3 years between the first two and the one year between the last two, it wouldn't seem like such a big deal. know what I mean?

patti said...

cute kids!
if that cream doesn't work for micah, email me. i have something you might want to try.

The Keowns said...


keep in mind that girls tend to mature faster then boys. Cassidy has a later birthday and is already reading and writing as well as Aidan.

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

Jamie, your kids are ADORABLE! I love how they all look like each other- well that sounds weird, but whatever, I LOVE seeing sibling resemblences. Silas is so wide eyed that is really cute!

Wenona said...

I love Keziah's little pig tails! And her hair is so blonde! Silas is cute as a button and Micah is looking so old already!