Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manitoba Goodness

We finally arrived at my parents house last Wednesday after another hot day of driving. The last hour was the longest and Micah especially was getting restless. He kept yelling, "Stop the van!!"

But we made it! My mom had just come home from a few days in Winnipeg on the same day and had brought our nephew Liam home with her. The next morning the three kids helped Granny water her thirsty flowers:

Later while Keziah napped, we put some water on the trampoline for the boys. Liam is just 5 months younger than Micah and they had a lot of fun together.


Keziah loved the little ride-on tractor:

That evening we headed to my parents' cabin at Lake Metigoshe along with my brother Joel and his 3 kids (more pictures of them to come). We had hoped to take a ride on Grandpa's new pontoon boat, but it was a rainy evening with some lightning and thunder, so we stayed close to the cabin. We still had fun having a BBQ and "mush-mallow" roast :)

Stay tuned, more pictures to come!


kelly ens said...

looks like things are going great!!! awesome pictures :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

How nice to have cousin time!