Saturday, June 06, 2009

Heat Wave

There's just one word that can sum up this past week..... HOT!

Too hot, really. We holed ourselves up in the house - windows and blinds closed during the heat of the day, trying to stay cool. The evenings were beautiful though and it was also nice to enjoy the outdoor pool in our complex.

The kids scrubbing our kiddie pool clean in preparation for a hot week:

Enjoying it later in the day - it's not as much of a hit as the big pool though :)

The kids basically lived in their underwear for the majority of the week.

Silas still gets swaddled for naps and nighttime, so I just left him in a diaper and wrapped his arms in a light blanket. He also had his 2 month shots this week, but despite the heat and the needles, he was still a pretty happy kid!

The heat inspired us to give Micah the old buzz-cut treatment. Here he is mid-cut:

And afterwards...

It's so short - a little hard for me to get used to at first, but I think it'll look better once it grows out a bit.

We had playgroup in Kelly's backyard on Thursday and the kids enjoyed Taeya's new slip n' slide (though they need to work on the sliding part). Keziah was mostly fascinated with drinking from the sprinklers.

The heat wave seems to be over though. Today was a cooler, overcast day and it was kind of welcome! I think 30 degrees and higher is just TOO hot (unless you're at the lake :)

Silas is starting to really enjoy his bath:

In other news, we finally got a bed for Keziah. For the last couple of months she's been sleeping on a foam pad on the floor. We noticed someone in our complex was advertising this daybed for sale. Initially they listed it for $150 and then after a week they reduced it to $75. That seemed like a great price for the mattress alone (which is in great condition) so we went for it. The daybed has a bit of 90's look to it, but I think we'll just spray-paint the brass & floral details.

So far she's only fallen out once that I know of, and there was also one night where she fell asleep on the floor and then ended up under her bed. I had checked on her after feeding Silas one night and couldn't find her for a moment - and then I noticed her pull-up covered bottom sticking out from under the bedskirt :)

And lastly, I keep forgetting that I wanted to post Silas' birth announcement. My sister Erin used some pictures that I had taken to put it together. (Make sure you check out her photography blog!)


Wenona said...

cute birth announcement!
And can I come visit you out in BC for the heat wave? I promise I won't complain one little bit. I wore a parka today while mowing grass. And mittens. I know extreme heat isn't fun either, but it sure sounds quite nice right about now!
Too funny that Keziah fell asleep under her bed! lol.

Bonnie said...

I'm usually one to welcome +30 degree weather (I think its the African blood :)) but I must say, today's cooler temp. was quickly welcomed, as being 9 1/2 months pregnant in this heat has been somewhat unbearable :) Its so nice that your complex has a pool!
Love the birth announcement! Its absolutely adorable. Silas just gets cuter everyday!

laura.h said...

Please send some of the warmth this way please. It's been unseasonably cold here. It's still freezing on some nights. I am so tired of covering my garden! I've never had to cover my garden in the spring/summer!!
Maddy has a ball tournament today and it's raining and cold!! (Luckily Joel's going as I have to work!) Maddy's wearing long underwear under her uniform. This is such a wierd country that we live in...

Nichole said...

So it's you guys who are hogging all the hot weather. Enough already! It's cool here in Toronto, and I heard they were having frost again at home. Cute bed for Keziah!!