Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whistler (& More)

Erik and I had our night away in Whistler this past weekend. Erik's parents helped us by watching the kids while we were away. It was a lot of work to get organized for that one night away, but it was worth it. I only wish it could've been a wee bit longer :)

We had a beautiful day on Saturday when we arrived and we spent some time browsing through the shops in Whistler. There were lots of pretty fall colours!

We stayed at the Fairmont Chateau and it was beautiful! They upgraded our room when they heard that this was for my birthday. So we had a wonderful king size bed with comfy pillows and a down duvet... So nice! They also have robes in the rooms since you have to walk outside to enjoy the pool and hot tubs.

We spent quite a bit of time just relaxing in our hotel room. Erik watched an entire hockey game uninterrupted while I spent the time reading and napping in our cozy bed.

Every time we left the room for an extended period, someone seemed to have been in our room while we were away. After we came up from the pool we found these: (for my birthday)

After supper we came back and found our bed re-made and the covers turned back with a card telling us the forecast for the next day :)

Here is the view from our room. The outdoor pool was even warm enough to enjoy despite the chilly fall air!

Sunday's weather was not as nice but we still managed to get in a morning walk before the rain started. It even snowed a bit up there while we were sitting in the hot tub one last time.

Like I said, I did a lot of reading. I love reading but I sometimes dread starting new books because I don't know if I'll be able to get into them. So, once I find an author that I like I read every book they've written (that I can get my hands on). For the last several months I've been reading books by Angela Hunt. I really like her writing and there is a lot of variety in her novels. Our church library has a ton of her books so I should have awhile of good reading ahead of me before I have to discover a new author.

And there have been plenty of things keeping us busy back at home. My camera is full of pictures from the last month so I'll do a quick summary of the important stuff :)

A few weeks ago Micah's bicycle was delivered to our house. This was an early birthday present that we ordered with our airmiles. This was the look on Micah's face when he discovered what was inside the mystery package:

The only bike they had in his size was a Spiderman bike. It wouldn't have been our first choice of character, but hey, it was free so we went with it! I was a little worried though because after I had already ordered it I took Micah to Walmart and had him try on some helmets. When I asked him to try on the spiderman helmet he said he was too scared to put it on his head! So, I wondered if he was going to hate his bike. But, as you can see from this next picture, it wasn't an issue:

He's spent hours pedaling up and down our lane. His neighbourhood friend and him have had a lot of fun racing together and I'm glad Micah can finally keep up!

Keziah is a busy little girl these days. She is always testing her boundaries and being her usual stubborn self, but we love her! She loves "helping" me in the kitchen and being a mommy to her baby dolls. In only a few more weeks she will be turning 3!! She wants a Tinkerbell party and has talked of little else since she was at her friend Taeya's Tinkerbell party in the spring :) I think I'm going to let the kids have friend parties for the first time this year. So, we'll see how that goes...

It turns out that Keziah has become our accident-prone child. She has had more head trauma in her 3 years than Micah has in all of his 5. Just this week she had 2 HARD hits to her head when she's fallen. And after her concussion back in the summer we're always a bit more wary when she hurts herself. I've laughed when I've heard stories of parents putting helmets on their accident-prone children, but now it seems like a smart idea! If I thought she would keep it on her head, I just might go for it...

Keziah loves to help me feed Silas. And it sometimes does help me when I'm busy with other things, but she often jams the spoon in a little too hard, or loses interest after a few spoonfuls (much to Silas' dismay). And of course, it just gets a whole lot more messy:

(those are prunes by the way :)

And little Siley-bear is 7 months today! He sprouted his first tooth on the weekend and I've definitely noticed a positive change in his overall mood. He's sleeping better and spending much more of his awake time being content. Yay! I'm glad to be reminded of what his real personality is :) By the way, Silas has the earliest first tooth of any of the kids - Micah and Keziah didn't cut any teeth until they were 9 months.

Silas is still very wobbly at sitting and doesn't really roll around. But he's getting the hang of jumping and moving around in his exersaucer so I know the rest is just a matter of time. Maybe I mentioned this before but I've wondered if my kids have been a little later at rolling/crawling because I've swaddled them for sleeping. Silas probably doesn't get a chance to practice any "moves" in his crib since he's wrapped up so tight. But I think the good sleep that swaddling brings is still worth it :P

He's been such a smiley/giggly baby so far (even in the crankiness of teething) and I hope that continues. Here he is trying out some peas for the first time. He wasn't a big fan but he sure looked cute!


Trev and Rebekah said...

such crisp pictures. Love it! Glad you were able to get away.
I was able to feel that little tooth of Silas'. So cute!

my kiddo was always swaddled till about 5 months old when he kept getting out in the night. I don't think it would have anything to do with him being a bit later in crawling, etc. Maybe he just won't be super active as some which isn't so bad either! I was so excited to have my kid crawl and walk early and now I wish he would have taken his time. He had so much energy from the time he was out of the womb!

kelly ens said...

so nice that you got to get away - what a nice location to stay too! and all the little extra's are so nice (i still have some qualms about not getting any extra attention, and not even the king size bed we had reserved for our wedding night!).

cute about the tinkerbell party :) we just bought the second movie to watch on Halloween (we're not trick-or-treaters).

i LOVE how blue Silas' eyes are!!!

Kerri Kincaid said...

again- such cutie pa tooties! Very sweet kiddos. I am jealous you got away! I'm still dreaming of a trip up there. Looks so dreamy- without the kids!! You deserved the break. Love the fall leaves....

patti said...

what a beautiful time to go to whistler! it all looks gorgeous. and how fun to be so pampered by the hotel.

Lindsay said...

I'm with you, Silas: peas are gross! ;)

Wenona said...

Beautiful hotel! And what a great getaway! Those strawberries looked so yummy, I think I would have a hard time eating them, or maybe not!
I swaddled Koen till he was about 9 months or so and he was a late crawler/walker, I had never thought about that being connected, but I guess it makes a little sense since they can't move around in their cribs practicing.

Karen said...

I hate starting new books too! One more way we're similar, Jamie! I just finished the latest book by Nicholas Sparks (he wrote A Walk to Remember and The Notebook). I also enjoy books by Anita Shreve and Lisa Samson (a Christian author), if you're ever looking for some new authors to get into! Looks like you had a great time away, even if it was too short! You're in hot demand, between Erik and the three kidlets! :)

Kirsten said...

Looks like a great time!

rachel joy said...

what a great time away! We were given a free night at a Whistler hotel last year, but it was very short notice so had to take the boys along. It was still a fun little adventure.

I've read some of Angela Hunt's books too. I loved the Mark of the Lion series. If you liked that, you should try Lynn Austin's "Chronicles of the Kings". I'm just starting Book 5 (the last one). Very good biblical fiction.

Janelle said...

ugh! i've hated being offline - i feel like i haven't been here in sooooo long!!! i love that you guys got away & had that time together!! :) you sooo deserve it!! and the updates on the kids...i just can't believe how big they are getting and how grown up. omgoodness. i sure have missed your guys's life!! :) but i'm back now! yipppeee! love you.