Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Girl

Yesterday Keziah turned 3!

This year we let her have her first "friend" party which was on Saturday. Most of her friends these days are boys, but they didn't seem to mind the girl-ish Tinkerbell theme :)

Her birthday guests:

Micah's train set is always a big hit when boys come over to play...

I made cupcakes this year - so much easier than a big fancy cake! And with these mini cupcakes the kids feel like they're having a whole cupcake when it's really a third of the size of a regular one :)

Keziah still got 3 cupcakes to herself though - only because I needed to put a candle on each one. She polished those things off in record time!

That last picture reminded me of this one from the kids' party last year. Keziah and I both look a little different!

Then it was present time. Here I am explaining to Micah that he needs to let Keziah do the opening - and reminding him that in a few more weeks it will be his turn!

Watching the presents get unwrapped:

Keziah was spoiled with so many new things! We are officially into the realm of Polly Pockets, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, etc. Which means that I need to get some organizational containers for all those little pieces because I can't stand losing toys! Now there's so many more (teeny weeny) toys to lose. Keziah has had a surprising amount of patience for dressing the little Pollys and Ponys. I do need to help but at least she doesn't get frustrated or whiny. And Micah is LOVING all these new toys too. He's very good at maneuvering all the little pieces and loves dressing them up in little outfits and shoes - heehee!

I had bought a little present for Micah to give Keziah at the party - a bottle/feeding set for her bigger dolls. This was to go with the doll high chair that we were going to give her the next morning on her actual birthday. She was excited about the feeding set but kept asking me where her dolly could sit while she fed her. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty confident that she would love our gift the next morning.

Here she is opening it up yesterday morning. Despite our usual Sunday morning rush, we had a few extra minutes to put the dolly high-chair together and feed her baby some breakfast.

Then we celebrated again with the Toews family in the evening where Keziah got even more presents! She is thoroughly spoiled - and with Christmas right around the corner.... wowsers. I'm getting used to the fact that this season will always be present overload for Micah and Keziah.

I'm noticing how many of these pictures are of the back of her head :)

Here's the part where I'm supposed to say that I can't believe my little girl is 3! But, in reality, it feels like she's been a part of our lives for a lot longer. Maybe it's because so much has happened since she came into our lives 3 years ago. But regardless of how long or short it has felt, we love this beautiful little princess so much and look forward to many more years of watching her grow!


Trev and Rebekah said...

Those were great cupcakes!

Yvonne and Eric said...

Happy Birthday to Keziah! I haven't posted a comment in a really long time but I do still read your blog. Looks like she had fun!
(and I'm with you on the toys. Losing pieces is frustrating).

Kathy's corner said...

Sounds like Keziah had a wonderful birthday weekend. Can't believe sheis 3.

Vanessa said...

Happy 3rd birthday!! Crazy how time flies! :) Looks like she had a fantastic party!!

Also, would you be able to change my email address on your blog permission list? The one I use is Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday keziah!
your party looks great and it seems that you had a very special two-days-birthday:)
have a great year to come!!


The Keowns said...

wow 3 years!!

Happy birthday!
You will eventually give up on organizing all the 'little' things.

kelly ens said...

i LOVe her TinkerBell PJs in the last picture!
what a great party! agreed that it's hard to beleive it's been 3 years already :)

Wenona said...

Aww, 3 years old! She is adorable - and I love her little haircut, so cute on her!
Looks like a fun party as well!

Kirsten said...

Wow! What a special time. And a beautiful 3 year old : )

The Koops said...

Hi Jaimy. Wow! Is't the birthday girl big! By the way this is your cousin Lauren. I have not written to you in a very long time! SAy Hi to Eric, Micah, Keziah and Silas!


amanda salmon said...

happy birthday to Keziah! great pictures :)