Friday, November 20, 2009

A Blogging Mood

Erik is out tonight and it's been another LONG day with the kids. I should be doing a bit more to get ready for Keziah's Tinkerbell party tomorrow, but I felt like I was in a blogging mood. To be in a blogging mood and actually have time to blog is pretty rare, so I figured I'd better just go with it.

Silas wins the award for the Little Toewsie with the most hair. Compared to his older siblings, he's doing quite well in the follicle department. Most days it sticks straight up in the back - I try to wet it down but it persists in standing. I don't feel ready to cut it yet.

I decided to have some fun with it instead.

So many great expressions, I couldn't choose just one...

Faux-hawk from the side:

Because I'm such an indoor girl and because we don't have a backyard to speak of, I really have to be intentional about getting these kids outside. With the rainy days and the early sunset it's pretty rare. But, hey, I'm trying.

Last week, one of the playgroup moms brought several huge boxes of dollar store items. She said she needed to get rid of it and proceeded to fill up bags of junk - I mean treasures - for the kids. Micah's favourite item has turned out to be this little crocodile guy he's wearing on his wrist. I told him that I was pretty sure it was a hair scrunchy, but he has decided it's a bracelet and has been referring to it as his "scrumpy". He wore it all week, everywhere he went - even to sleep and to preschool. Until it lost both of it's eyes. Now it sits on the counter awaiting eye repair.

This might look like our first snowfall, but it was actually a crazy hail storm we had last week. We rarely get thunder and lightning here (something I really miss about the prairies!) but we got a storm the other day. The kids aren't used to hearing thunder and Keziah was especially afraid - in a cute, clingy kind of way :)

Tomorrow is Keziah's birthday party. Her actual birthday is on Sunday. I didn't think she was "old enough" to be too excited to sleep the night before her party, but she was wide awake until about 9:30 tonight. And I don't know what the fetish was, but she was wearing a different pair of pyjamas every time I went to check on her...

Hopefully she has a good nap tomorrow before the party :)


kelly ens said...

i miss the Albertan thunderstorms...Taeya is afraid of the thunder too :(
CUTE hair on Silas :)
and taeya had a GREAT time today - thanks for inviting us :)

Lindsay said...

love the faux-hawk :)
it's important to have just the right outfit for bed :)
Happy Birthday Keziah!

Kathy's corner said...

Can you hear "Manitoba Calling you Back Home" Miss you all. Happy, Happy Birthday #3. Can hardly waitto see you. Love Granny

Trev and Rebekah said...

Hey, can you email me the pictures of you cutting Isaiah's hair some time?

The Keowns said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEZIAH! hope you had a fun party!

The Keowns said...

oh....and I was laughing at your other post about not having time to blog, or comment, or keep up your own blog.
yep...that happens when the third kid comes. My blog is abandoned.