Saturday, March 20, 2010

Almost One

As fast as this year has gone, it's still crazy for me to think that this is where Silas was one year ago:

Now we're nearing his first birthday!

Maybe part of what makes it hard to believe that his birthday is approaching, is the fact that Silas has just been a bit... well... slower, than the average bear. He finally started crawling this past week which has been exciting for us to watch. But now comes the real baby-proofing. We have one baby gate already - the stationary kind that will get screwed to the wall. But we're thinking of also getting a tension gate that can be moved to any doorway (and brought with us on summer vacation...)

I took "matching" pictures of Micah & Keziah pulling up on the dishwasher at our old place when they were each around 11 months. I wanted to get a similar shot of Silas, but since he isn't even close to pulling up on anything, I had to prop him up there myself :)



You can tell he's pretty pumped about his first encounter with a dishwasher.



And here's a few more pictures of the older kids enjoying some spring-like weather the other day...

I bought this appropriate shirt for Keziah a few weeks ago. It says, "Little Girl, Big Drama".

The more I "get to know" Keziah, the more I see myself in her:
- She loves to play by herself and has a great imagination.
- She loves to sing and make up songs.
- She's extremely shy around new people - and even a little shy around people she knows.
- She's accident-prone.
- She's whiny (or "owly" as my parents would say)

Yes, I was all of these things as a child. Keziah seems to have a stubbornness that I don't recall having, but otherwise, we are one and the same.

We saw a huge bald eagle fly out of the trees right above us and he left a few of his feathers behind:

And if Keziah is a mini Jamie, then Micah is definitely a mini Erik - a mixture of loving to tease his younger siblings and being worried (even panicked) about their safety in public settings.

We've noticed lately that Micah can talk our ears off. It seems when we're trying to get him in bed or out the door or to finish his supper, he can't get anything done, because he's SO busy talking...

It seems to me that the excessive talking might also be a trait of his father's :)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE keziah's shirt....maybe i should buy something similar for my big girl....she's a drama queen as well!

and way to go silas! now everyhting will change and your siblings won't like it:)

have a great sunday!


Kathy's corner said...

Jamie, you were very stubborn at times too, just like Keziah. I am getting excited about coming and watching the kids. Love mom

Trev and Rebekah said...

I can't believe he's almost a year already! I love that our kids are mini us. I totally see a mini trev in Isaiah.

Doug, Elissa and Caleb Toews said...

Silas may be slower than the average bear... but he is definitely CUTER than the average bear! Love those kids... they're all so cute :)

Doug, Elissa and Caleb Toews said...

And by the way... I open up your blog and saw the picture of you and was kinda taken aback! Was wondering what was going on!!

Kathy's corner said...

Laura told me yesterday that her niece turned 1 in Dec. and isn't walking yet!

Wenona said...

Wow - he's almost 1? Mercy sakes - time flies! Koen was slower as well, he only started "real crawling" (he just used to drag his body around- lol) just before his 1st birthday and started walking around 15 months. Soon enough he'll be in everywhere buggin' his brother and sister! :)