Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Celebrations

The July long weekend was full of celebrations. First there was Canada Day, of course. We took the kids into town to watch the fireworks and were quite impressed! In fact, they were possibly even slightly better than Abbotsford's since we didn't have to listen to cheesy music playing the whole time.

Then, Erik turned 30 on July 2nd. Despite it being a huge milestone birthday, the day was pretty low key - some of my family joined us and we enjoyed some of Erik's favourite foods - pulled-pork fajitas (too bad the Boissevain Co-op didn't have the ingredients for fresh salsa) and fruit pizza for dessert.

Here's a close-up of my fruit pizza masterpiece :) Maybe you'll remember his birthday post from 4 years ago when I made another birthday fruit pizza with Erik's name written in kiwis.

On July 3rd we went to Lake Metigoshe with my parents and my sister Nichole's family for a picnic supper and boat ride.

The kids braved the lake water and even swam all the way to the dock with Daddy's help.

Silas has been practicing his standing - he's still leaning against the cooler in this picture, but is getting more confident on his feet. He's finally taken a few steps all on his own just in the last few days.

Lake Metigoshe is a huge lake. A small corner of it is in Canada (which is where my parents' cabin is) but the majority of the lake is in the US (North Dakota). Every year they have a big fireworks show over the water during the July 4th weekend. Hundreds of boats gather out on the lake and wait for it to get dark. This was a first for our family - and definitely something that should become a yearly tradition!

Canadian & proud of it!

Boats gathering to watch the ski show that was taking place a few hours before the fireworks.

Grandpa got a bit of a break while Silas took the wheel.

Getting cozy in the boat.

Silas finally succumbed to sleep.

Waiting for it to get dark seemed to take forever! But the neat part was that all the surrounding cabins were setting off their own fireworks - so there was a bit of a "pre-show" to watch.

Erik snuggling with our niece, Kailyn.

Silas woke up just before the big show started and was totally mesmerized by the fireworks. It was amazing how many boats were out there! Definitely a memorable experience :)


Bonnie said...

That last picture of Erik & your niece looks pretty special. I love it that you're getting this time with your family.

Sounds like a busy but fun few days! Happy belated birthday to Erik!

Karen said...

Great update, Jamie! You sure are filling your days with great experiences and fun memories! You are on your way to having a really memorable prairie summer!

kelly ens said...

happy 30th birthday to Erik from Alf and I :)
great pictures...neat to watch the fireworks on the water. great-looking cake!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Silas might just be walking before you come home!
The fruit pizza looks good. I need to learn how to make one of those.