Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We've been enjoying the days and days of warm weather here. The kids have been having fun on the farm and spending some time with their cousins. And most of the fun seems to center around water!

Water on the trampoline is the favourite for most of the kids.

Except for Keziah, who prefers splashing by herself in the wading pool.

We've also set up the sprinkler a time or two...

Keziah figured Charlie needed some water too.

Silas and Charlie cooling off in the shade.

And Micah & Keziah have been busy with swimming lessons last week and this week. Micah is in "Salamander" - which I was worried about, but he is being super brave!

Keziah was unwilling to go in the water without me, so I put her in the "Sea Turtle" class - which is fine except it means that I have to go in the water too.

The kids don't seem to have a problem putting their heads under the water, but I think Micah's having trouble with his front float. We'll find out on Friday if they passed or not. The most important thing is that they're really enjoying their lessons - which is such a relief after the last few years of Micah being terrified of swimming lessons!


Kerri Kincaid said...

Oh the memories of that trampoline and the pool! Infact, a good friend from Sweden today emailed me and said she was at Boissevain pool. Funny... since she is from Edmonton. How great for you to create memories in Boissevain for your kids!

GSFALK said...

Looks like you've had quite a bit of sunshine to enjoy... we're hoping for it any day now!

Anonymous said...

way to go micah!
i still remember your concerns about the whole swimming-thing....

looks like you're having a great time! enjoy!


vic and Anne Toews said...

We SO much enjoy reading your blogs, Jamie. So many great experinces you and your children are having this summer. And I'm sure time is passing quickly. Grma T.

rachel joy said...

I loved having water on the tramp as a kid. As teenagers we added soap, too. And our parents allowed it. Gasp! Yay for successful swimming lessons! And I'm looking forward to hearing about your fully-clothed dip in the hot tub. :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

We will take Isaiah to swimming lessons in Aug. He doesn't like water in his eyes and can swim (kind of) with a life jacket so we'll see how it goes without one. I think he's too light to float. :0)

kelly ens said...

we had a mesh trampoline mat, so we always put the sprinkler underneath :)
Taeya has that same bathing suit as Keziah (seriously - I'm continually amazed by the fact that so many of their clothes are the same!).
great job in their swimming lessons! Taeya starts her first ones in august...sea turtle too, i think - i have to go in with her for the first half of the set of lessons (which is fine with me since she's had next to no pool exposure).