Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home (& a new friend)

This was us leaving my parents' farm early Wednesday morning:
Micah looks like he's already anticipating the way he'll feel after 25+ hours in the van...

After stopping in Saskatchewan to visit relatives, we had a quick 2 night-stay in Edmonton so we could enjoy the mall. A few rides in Galaxy Land, some time in the waterpark, a little shopping and then we were off again, and looking forward to being back in beautiful British Columbia.

I didn't take many pictures on the trip home - other than these few while we stopped at Mount Robson. Erik took a quick catnap in the van while the kids played...

Pyjamas make great traveling clothes.

The last stretch from Hope to Abbotsford is always the worst.
Correction - I think the last stretch of any drive is the worst. And inevitably, for our family, there is always at least one child who has a meltdown during that entire hour.
After almost 15 hours straight of driving? We expected it.
We waited for it.
But... it never came.
The kids - especially Silas - amazed us.

I think we're raising some hard-core road-trippers.

We pulled into Toews headquarters on Saturday evening, happy to be "home" - even though we'll be living out of suitcases and boxes for a couple more weeks until the big move into our new place.

And once we were home, it was time to fulfill a promise we made to the kids....

Meet Moses.

The kitten belongs to everyone, but we knew that Keziah would pretty much take over all pet-sitting responsibilities, including deciding when he shall eat, sleep, play and poop. I call her my "smother mother".

Poor Moses is being a really good sport.

He let her tuck him in this afternoon and stayed there for a long catnap.

And I knew the kitten was a keeper when I watched him sit still while Keziah brushed his fur with a barbie comb.

Welcome to the family little Moses.


laura.h said...

Ahhh Keziah the "smothermother".... I hope that is one patient cat! Keziah is too cute. Glad you guys made it home safely, I'll be praying for you as you get ready for the big move.

kelly ens said...

welcome home! Glad you're safe, and I"m looking forward to seeing you all soon - whenever that shall be! :)
very cute with Keziah and Moses! (We had a dog named Amos...haha)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Who named the cat? I loved having a cat and brought him to sleep on my bed every night. Eventually that is where he stayed most of the time.

Sounds like your kids are great road travelers. Ready to head back again next year?

Elissa said...

so glad to you guys home! and we can't wait to meet the latest addition to your family :)

Jen Glen said...

I didn't realize you guys were coming home so early! If I'd known, I would have hung out in Old Navy...just in case ;)

GSFALK said...

00000 - a kitten. So cute. We've enjoyed pets so much in our family - the best gift ever.