Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Sunday of Summer

Our time in Manitoba is rapidly coming to a close and we've been trying to pack in all the summer fun that we've left until the last minute. Trips to the lake have been more frequent and each time my mom and I convince ourselves that all the prep work and clean-up is worth it!

It doesn't take much convincing when you enjoy an evening like this one at Lake William with a few cousins:

Unfortunately in the haste and chaos of leaving the house with 3 whiny kids, my mom and I forgot the bag that contained the plates. But, hey, it's "camping" right?

So, we made do.

I even convinced the kids that the flap in the paper bag was the hot dog holder.

They totally bought it.

Oh - and to explain the bandage on Micah's arm -- it was still bothering him a bit after he hurt it at camp. I had visions of us coming home with another casted arm like last year. But we kept an eye on it and the tensor seemed to help. He hasn't complained about it in a few days so I think we're out of the woods.
In Micah's words, he probably just "spranged it".

When Erik asked who Micah's favourite Manitoba cousin was a few weeks ago, he surprised us by announcing that it was Olivia. They do play together quite well...

Maddy patiently worked on her mission to befriend Silas. And her secret to success?


(My camera kept focusing on the sand in the photos, so I decided to go with it and have some fun with iphoto edits...)

Silas and Judah.

Then a couple of days later, my mom and I packed up the kids and hopped in the van once again. This time for a day trip to Clear Lake (Riding Mtn National Park). Brad & Nichole were camping up there for a few days and I hadn't been to Clear Lake in ages (my favourite camping location growing up).

The kids had a blast at the beach.

Silas had a great time right up until the moment this happened:

And then I was even able to transfer him to this:

Overall, a great day was had at Clear Lake - though we all agreed, it was too short!

Another thing on our must-do-before-we-leave-Manitoba list was to take one more ride in Grandpa's pontoon boat.

So, last night, that's what we did.

We even stopped mid-lake so that Erik and the kids could jump in for a swim.

And practice some new swimming moves...

To me, August will always feel like the "Sunday" of summer. You know -- the second half of the weekend where you're already thinking about going back to work or school (who I am kidding, I haven't gone to a job or a school in years... but I definitely still look forward to the weekend!) In the same way, August marks the shifting of that entire-summer-stretched-out-before-me feeling into the only-a-few-more-weeks-until-this-all-comes-to-an-end feeling.

Thankfully there are plenty more good things to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

It has been crazy, but it has been a blast. Tough to see it all end. So good having you guys here. Awesome pics. mom

Elissa said...

I love it-- love the "make do" plates, Silas sleeping, the "spranged" arm... can't wait to see you guys soon!

rachel joy said...

Your heart must just be so full with all these memories! The Sunday of Summer is the perfect description.

kelly ens said...

Great pictures Jamie! Looks like you're having so much fun :)

laura.h said...

Judah will be crushed that Olivia is Micah's favorite cousin, because Micah is definitely Judah's favorite cousin. He talks about him A LOT! But I don't think he really knows how to play with him yet.... Glad you guys are enjoying summer. We'll see you on Tuesday.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Love the plates!

Looking forward to seeing you. Isaiah was wanting your kids to come to his craft show this week but I told him they weren't home yet.

the Dees fam said...

Well said, Jamie. The Sunday of summer. I totally get that...What wonderful memories you're making! Great photos too!

Bonnie said...

I smiled at the "probably just spranged it" remark :) So cute.
And I think your "Sunday of Summer" is so poignant. Never thought of it that way but it totally is. Very well written :)
Hope you guys have safe travels home!