Friday, September 30, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears

We went to the zoo last weekend.

It was likely the last warm day of Indian summer before the shorts get packed away until next year. A perfect day for a stroll and some animal sightings...

Doug, Elissa, Caleb & Emerson joined us for part of the morning...

... and rented this great quadra-cycle to help them get around (since Elissa is still recovering from a knee surgery).

Of course, the kids all fought over who was going to get turns on the big bike.

Silas wasn't quite sure what to think when his turn came around.

And what good would a zoo post be without a few pictures of the animals?

Sleeping grizzly.

Micah thought howling at the wolves might wake them up.

Didn't work.

The boys of the family waiting for the lion and tiger feeding.

Boomer the lion was pretty excited about his horse meat.

Sweetie the tiger acted a little more nonchalant. Like a true cat.

All in all, a great day was had a the zoo...

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kelly ens said...

wow - you got to see a lot more action than we did when we went there. how fun! :)