Thursday, September 08, 2011


School started this week... and with it, some big adjustments.
For all of us.

Because our school closed last year, we had to choose a new school. Even though a lot of our friends also moved over to this school, it's still a challenge - a new place to "figure out" (for the kids and for me), bigger class sizes (which translates into more volume and chaos, especially on the playground at recess), and new teachers.

Micah is in grade 1 this year. This is also the first year that he has to stay for the entire school day.

Little Miss Keziah is in Kindergarten this year. Even though she is 2 whole years younger than Micah, they'll only be 1 year apart in school (because we held Micah back). This means, however, that Keziah will also have to go to school for the entire day... {sniff}

Keziah has a gradual entry so she won't be required to stay for the full day until next Wednesday. She's doing great so far (but she's only had to stay for 1 hour at a time at this point). I'm a little nervous about how that's all gonna go down...

I'm even more nervous now after how Micah's first few days have gone. He did great the first day (which was a half day), but after his first full day yesterday, he was all teary and kept whining that he didn't want to go back to school. Of course, we made him go this morning (after I peeled him off of me in the parking lot) only to get a phone call at lunch that he wouldn't be able to make it through the day. It doesn't help that his best friend has also been having a tough time. The two of them were waiting together in the principle's office at noon... both in tears :(

After talking with Micah, and talking with his (amazing) teacher on the phone, we made a deal. Micah will go for just the mornings for the next few days, but then on Wednesday we'll try to do the full day again (since Wednesday will also be Keziah's first full day). Micah seemed to agree with this idea and I'm hoping that his own "gradual entry" will do the trick.

I'll tell you this though - one adjustment that has been easy to make is the driving time. A 20-minute commute down to 4?
Wonderful :)


rachel joy said...

ah, that's tough. He had a bit of a hard time at the start of last year too, didn't he? Hopefully this gradual entry plan will work. And what a shock to your daily routine to have them both gone all day at the same time. I hope the transition settles nicely for you all soon. So much change! And I totally hear ya on the commute. :)

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I didn't realize Micah had been struggling too. Jade has had a hard time with the long days as well. Everyone has been a bit more "emotional" over here! I hope the adjustment goes well with your new "deal" in place :)

Anonymous said...

a) my eyeballs are currently surrounded by a little extra moisture because I can't believe how cute and grown up the kids are... and I just like them so much.

b) also praying for the school adjustment.

c) much love to you all!

Anonymous said...

I am the Unknown... that makes me laugh this morning. I don't know what happened. xo Rosanna

Elissa said...

Oh I just love those kids-- I have a sudden urge to give Micah a big auntie bear hug and make him snuggle in my lap for a while-- I'm sure that would be appreciated :) Praying for you all. The kids can do this... you can do this! You're such a great mom Jamie!!

kelly ens said...

awww, that's rough. i've heard grade 1 is the hardest transition :( praying the shorter days until Wednesday really help them both and the transition goes quickly!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Glad the adjustment to driving less is easy. Hoping Micah is able to stay full day before Wednesday. Enjoy your weekend!

Tara V said...

You're doing a great job Jamie. I'm sure with the gradual entry you've come up with it will work well.