Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas on the Farm

We were all up before the sun on Christmas morning...

... ready to take part in the gift-opening festivities - gifts from us as well as from Granny & Grandpa Harder were waiting to be unwrapped!

Time to start opening...

Silas was so pumped about the dollar store cell phone in his stocking that he had to try it out while it was still in the box...

A new book left him a little less impressed.

New slippers!

A pretty new skirt from Granny :)

Silas getting his first glimpse of his big gift - a rock n' roll Elmo...

Even Mommy got some gifts :)

One of Micah's favourites - the magnifying glass in his stocking (once again, from the dollar store...)

A little chocolate for breakfast - a la Kinder Surprise. (Thanks Granny!)

Mmmm. Chocolate.

Daddy helping with toy assembly.

Then it was time for Mommy to help the kids set up the Marbleworks set we got for Micah. This was a big hit with all the kids.

Another popular gift has been Elmo.
He is pretty cute.

But not as cute as this little "rocker" who sure knows how to get down while Elmo is singing.

Yay for Christmas!

We hope you all had a good one too!!


kelly ens said...

Looks like it was a pretty great day :) Love the pictures :)

Lindsay said...

I think you will soon regret the Elmo purchase. My boyfriend's nephew got one one year and he quickly became our arch nemesis. Noisy little thing! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas :)

Mel said...

Looks wonderful, Jamie. There's nothing quite like that Christmas morning excitement - everyone in their jammies, sleepy eyes, etc. And of course, the pictures of Daddy assembling the many gifts - I have a few pictures exactly like that!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Yeah for christmas gifts and memories. Looks like you all had fun