Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Seven years ago, I became a Mama for the first time when Micah Josiah Erik was born into the world!

Micah's life has changed significantly in this past year, from going to half-day kindergarten last year to full-day grade one at a whole new school this year. This transition was not easy for him but I'm proud to report that we are finally managing the morning drop-off without any complaining, tears or clinging to Mom.

His teacher tells us that Micah is very detailed - something that we've discovered as well, especially with his drawings. Micah's also excelling in reading and seems to be able to read everything in sight!

Micah is still very snuggly and affectionate (though he doesn't realize his own strength and often jumps at me when I least expect it... and believe me, I can be tackled to the ground quite easily). I've noticed that he is getting better at being a respectful and kind big brother, quick to tell me how much he really felt like punching Keziah but stopped himself ;)

At our church, someone put together a video of the elementary-aged kids talking about what "joy" is and showed it this past Sunday during the service. Micah's definition of joy was "that my sister asked Jesus into her heart a few weeks ago."

So sweet.

Micah's present this year was Super Mario Brothers for the Wii.
He was pretty pumped.

Opening his birthday card from Granny & Grandpa Harder (and wearing his new watch from Grandma & Grandpa Toews):

The kids were all dressed up this morning for their school Christmas concert and they even let me take a picture of all three of them...

Happy 7th birthday Micah... We love you!


Elissa said...

Oh Micah, I'm so proud of you. Love you buddy! Happy Birthday!

Sidenote-- the image of Micah "tackling" you as he tries to snuggle totally made me giggle :)

Anonymous said...

We sure love you, Micah.
Grandpa and Grandma T

Anonymous said...

We love tou too Micah and miss you so much. What did you get from granny and grandpa Harder??

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Micah. Enjoy your very special day!