Thursday, January 12, 2012

After School Play

What is it about the inexpensive entertainment like empty wrapping paper tubes and hot wheels that trump all the new Christmas gifts in the next room?

Whatever it is, it kept these boys entertained for awhile.

Meanwhile, Keziah had more feminine pursuits.

A "new" thrift store umbrella served as the perfect place for her doll-babies to find some shade (with that fluorescent light fixture overhead I don't really blame them).

But before I knew it, Silas had abandoned the tube-car-sliding and wanted a space to play like Keziah's. So, I hauled out his new Ikea bedding, scrounged up an empty laundry hamper to be his doll crib and swaddled his monkey...

And even if I do all of that for 15, 10 ... 5 minutes of quiet play... It's always worth it.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! granny

Mel said...

Ha ha - yup, those odd quiet moments when you realize that ALL of your kids have been happily playing amoungst themselves for the past 1/2 hour, and you go check on them only to find them playing with toilet paper rolls instead of the beautiful, new doll house you bought them for christmas!!! Hey...whatever keeps them happy, and keeps us sane!!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

So cute! Jamie, you are a good mommy!

GSFALK said...

It's so fun to read what your kids are doing. We don't really get to see them in person much, but feel like we get to watch them thru the blog. Thanks.