Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cabin Fever

Those 2 words pretty much sum up my entire week. The snow itself wouldn't have been so bad and wouldn't have kept us too house-bound, but a sick 7-year-old definitely has kept us all sticking close to home.

Here's the low-down on how the week transpired:

- Micah starts showing the tell-tale signs of pink eye, which means cancelling 2 fun events with school friends on the weekend.
- We start giving him over-the-counter polysporin eye drops.

- It's snowing. A lot.
- School is on though, and we manage to get Keziah there (though I regret it later when the snow keeps coming).
- Micah is feeling good despite his red eyes, so the boys and I have some fun in the snow.

- School is cancelled.
- We play outside until Keziah gets snow in her boots and drops into a crying, floppy pile on the road. We barely make it back to the house alive.
- Micah's eye drops don't seem to be helping and he starts getting fevers and flu-like symptoms.

- School is back on but I decide to keep Keziah home anyway since Erik needs the van and it looks like a blizzard outside.
- I spend a LONG day inside playing referee between Keziah and Silas.
- Micah is feeling lousy and watches TV for about 8 hours straight.

- Micah wakes up with eyes crusted over for the 4th night in a row. I make a doctor's appointment for later that afternoon.
- I manage to get Keziah to school and drag the boys to Superstore since my fridge and freezer are empty and we've been living on hot dogs, applesauce and beans for the last couple of days.
- Micah lays in the cart for the duration of the shopping trip and doesn't even want a free cookie from the bakery.
- We see the doctor later that afternoon after waiting an hour. Find out Micah's one eye is pretty infected and get a prescription for stronger eye drops.

- School is cancelled again on account of freezing rain.
- Silas has been begging to go outside since Wednesday. I go out with him for 15 minutes while the older 2 watch from the window.
- Micah has a TWO-hour meltdown between supper and bedtime. Can't remember the last time he's been so worked up about something. I end up laying with him in our bed until he falls asleep.
- 8:00 pm: Erik and I finally sit down for an evening of TV.
- 9:15 pm: I wake up from a deep sleep and notice Erik snoring from the next couch. I turn off the TV and walk with eyes half-closed to my bed.

Who would've guessed a week at home could be so... exhausting.

Good news is, Micah seems a bit more like himself today. His appetite is slowly coming back and him and Silas had a good wrestling match this morning. He just finished a game of Tiddly Winks with Keziah and is gladly heading outside to build a snowman with Grandma. His eyes still look red and goopy so he's probably going to be house-bound a wee bit longer.

But, here's hoping that next week brings healthier kids, less weather drama and a few days in a row of wearing something other than our pyjamas.


Elissa said...

Yuck, that sounds like a very long very miserable week! Glad that things are looking up and that Micah is starting to act more like himself-- that's a rough week!

kelly ens said...

WOW, that is a rough week!!!
great pictures, by the way :)

Laura said...

To be honest, reading that made me feel a wee bit better just because I was not the only one! We are on day 10 of being housebound due to a nasty flu and strep throat and I am going CRAZY! Glad Micah is on the upswing and here's to a new week!

Anonymous said...

Glad Micah is doing better, and hopefully you will be back to normal. This week. Praying for you

KDees said...

You made me laugh out loud, Jamie! Sounds like a tiring week...but things seem like they're on the up swing! Happy Monday!

Janelle said...

these pics really make me miss you guys. so wish we could just hang out sometime. dang.