Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Erik and I went to see Coldplay in Vancouver on Saturday night, which was... a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Except for the fact that during the opening acts I felt overwhelmed by how LOUD the night was going to be.  

I guess I haven't been to too many concerts.

Thankfully I had some kleenex in the bottom of my purse which I rolled up and stuffed in both ears.  It totally saved the night.  But, it kind of made me feel... old.  And it was a bit awkward when we ran into people between acts and I couldn't hear them and had to reach into my ears to remove the little kleenex balls.  Ah well.  Guess who was laughing when her ears weren't ringing after the night was over...  
Me, that's who.

A highlight of the concert was the super-cool bracelets that we were given when we came through the doors.  They totally added a whole new dimension to the light show.  Very very cool.

We took a video of the song "Paradise" - our kids have already watched it about a dozen times - which shows the full effect of the light-up bracelets, especially towards the end of the clip.  (Unfortunately the video is showing up in "teeny-tiny" mode on blogger and can be viewed in a larger frame HERE.)

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Bonnie said...

VERY cool! We're huge Coldplay fans... wish we could've been at this concert. Looks like it was fantastic!