Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Getaway

Our summer has been pretty uneventful compared to our past 2 summers in Manitoba.  We've definitely enjoyed spending it on the acreage; having bonfires and BBQs with friends, watching the farm come to life with a growing garden and growing calves.  But we've stayed pretty close to home.  

So, last week we finally took the opportunity to go on a short trip just across the border to Semiahmoo Resort in Washington. 

By way of perspective, we could easily see White Rock, BC from the beach in front of the hotel - and with the binoculars we could even make out people walking along the pier.  

We had beautiful weather while we were there and we spent a long while playing in the sand and rocks on the beach.  It wasn't a great beach for swimming, but we found plenty of treasures.

Micah created an inpenetrable fortress using rocks and tiny pieces of driftwood.

Keziah found enough broken shells to spell out her name (with Mommy's help).

Silas wasn't a huge fan of the beach.  Actually, if I'm being honest, it took all 3 of the kids a crash-course in "How to Play at the Beach" before they actually settled in and fully embraced wet flip-flops and sandy fingers.

Silas didn't feel the need to play in the sand as long as there were treats around... 

The highlight by far for these kids was the outdoor swimming pool.  We didn't do swimming lessons this year but that was ok, because the kids got in several hours of swimming practice last week.  Micah showed off his doggy-paddle skills and Keziah decided she wanted in on it too and totally started swimming as well!  While Erik and I worked with the older two, Silas kept his lifejacket on and did cannon-balls in the pool all by himself: jump in, swim to the ladder, climb out, repeat.  And then times that by about 50.

It was a great little getaway.

Is it true that summer is almost over??


kelly ens said...

How fun! I love that you had to give a little crash course on beach-playing :)
glad you got to get away for a bit!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a great time. Miss you all, and can hardly wait to see you! Love granny. Can,t believe how every one is growing!

Kara and Kent said...

SO true about teaching them to play on the beach! We took Brooke to the beach in ONtario and found out she hates getting wet, hates getting sandy and hates getting rocks/sand in her flip flops! Hardly a great orientation to the beach :) Luckily she loves swimming and wearing her "baby soup" so we have that going for us. Love the post, Jamie!