Saturday, September 01, 2012

One Last Hurrah

Yesterday was the last day of August.  And with it came the end-of-summer regrets.

We didn't go camping, we didn't do enough day trips...  Sheesh, we didn't even swim in a lake this summer!

So we planned a backyard camp-out.

I had a bunch of leftover fondue chocolate from a baby shower, so we enjoyed a little fondue by the fire for our night snack.  (I must add that my new favourite dipping item is rice krispie treats... so yummy)

(This camping stuff is serious business around here)

I listened to Erik tell the kids a bedtime story as I sat by the fire and enjoyed a peaceful evening with a starry sky and the spotlight of the blue moon behind me.  We learned the blue moon isn't actually "blue" but is the event of a full moon happening twice in the same month.  Apparently it's rare.  It only happens, like... once in a blue moon.

Admittedly I wasn't keen on sleeping in the tent with my own warm bed calling me from so close-by.  The one other backyard camp-out we had this summer was pretty squishy with the 5 of us so I let Erik enjoy the tent without me.  But it definitely didn't mean a sleep-in day for me.  The kids all traipsed in the house shortly after 7 and then it was time to think of a Saturday morning breakfast.  We decided it would be appropriate to make our breakfast over the fire.  And it also seemed appropriate to pick some fresh blackberries to go with it.

Erik got the sausages and pancakes cooking on a nice hot fire...

And the kids said good morning to all the animals.

Breakfast of champions right here...

 After a few extra cuddles in the tent, it was time to start our last summer Saturday.

So long, Summer...


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like fun. Who says you have to leave home to go camping! Maybe that,s what dad and I should do, when we come. I,m game!!!

kelly ens said...

So awesome! :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Fun! That fondue looks that marshmallow mixture you had there?