Monday, June 11, 2007

Adventures in Parenthood - Episode 2

Saturday turned out to be a GREAT day for me - despite the dreary rain. Erik let me head out to the mall all by myself for three whole hours!! I haven't done that since.... I don't even know. Anyway, he even handed me some cash before I went out the door. What a treat! It was weird to be able to just try stuff on in the stores and not have a big stroller to push around - or a huge diaper bag to carry. Just little old me. I had to laugh when a young sales guy in one of the stores started chatting with me - asking me what I was up to that evening, etc. Ha ha. If he only knew I was heading home to dirty diapers and baby puke.

Then I got a much-needed haircut in the afternoon. I have been trying to grow my hair out for awhile - just so it's long enough to pull back in a ponytail for those non-shower days (which happen to be quite frequent these days...) But, I've been so sick of my hair that it's ended up in a ponytail every day for the last 3 weeks. So, I needed some new style.

Here I am before my haircut - note the limp, lifeless hair and the (yawn) inevitable ponytail. Please don't note the pile of laundry behind me.

Here it is after: fresh and cute!

Then I had a bit of fun taking pictures with the kids...

Micah checking for boogers. Keep this picture in mind for later in this post :)

Mommy & little bug-eyes!

Playing with the edits in Picasa2.

So happy!

OK, now onto the "adventures" I eluded to in the title... (To review episode 1, click here)

This past weekend Erik was playing drums on the worship team at church. On these Sundays, he usually lets Micah come up on stage after the service since he loves to play drums with Daddy. I was in the nursery with the kids and when I knew the service was almost over, we left so I could make a quick stop at the library. While I checked out some new books, Micah started heading down the stairs towards the sanctuary which I figured was fine since I thought church was done and they usually keep the doors closed anyway. I came out of the library to see Micah sneaking through the sanctuary doors as someone was coming out. By the time I got to the sanctuary I realized that church wasn't over but my son was racing up to the stage at the front! About 250 heads swiveled back to see whose child this was and I just stood there helplessly. Erik's brother Nathan was leading the church in a closing song and Auntie Rosanna (who was singing) saved the day by grabbing Micah's hand and stopping him from going any further. That's when Micah turned around and saw the sea of faces staring at him. He stood there clinging to Rosanna with one hand and shoving his finger up his nose with the other hand.

After a full minute or so he decided he didn't want to be up there after all, let go of Rosanna's hand and raced back down the centre aisle, screeching the whole way. I met him about half-way and sheepishly scooped him up and went back into the foyer. There were lots of comments afterwards - nobody was offended that I know of and most people thought it was cute. Erik said to one person, "it's always cute when it's someone else's kid!"

Anyway, it will likely be one of those childhood stories that will be told long after Micah reaches adulthood.

Adventure #2 happened today when Micah had an unexpected poop while we were at the park and I had NOTHING with me. Thank goodness for the elementary school nearby where we managed to clean him up a bit. This was a big fear of mine and I'm relieved to see we managed to get through it alright!

In other news, Keziah is addicted to rolling on her stomach. She's starting to wake at night again simply because she gets herself in some sticky situations:

That's all the blogging for tonight. Time for me to stop procrastinating and start cleaning up the supper dishes...


Charlotte said...

Jamie, you always have the best stories to tell and such good pictures! Your hair looks great!


Summer said...

What a great post! Your hair is looks great. Love the picturues.

kelly said...

Alf told me about the story in church with Micah - he said it was so cute!
glad you got some time alone on saturday!!!

Wenona said...

Love the haircut - so cute and fresh. That's funny that Micah ran to the front of the church while it was still in progress. But they're right, it's always cute when it's someone else's kid!

Karen said...

Great haircut! And, what a nice treat to be able to head out all by yourself!

Sarah E. said...

yup, you're hair looks great and the story of Micah is priceless - definitely one to be told again!

Ej said...

LOL - it is funny when it is someone else's kid! The hair cut looks great - isn't it amazing how much shopping you can get done when you have no one in a stroller, asking for cookies and juice, or trying to crawl out of the stroller! I love getting alone time like that. Refreshed the batteries.

Michelle said...

I LOVE your new hairstyle! Super cute and refreshing! I also love the days of shopping when no one opens the change room door while you're standing there half dressed!

erin said...

your hair looks great! I love getting a new cut and how fresh it makes you feel. I had mine cut about a month ago (spent $40 OUCH!) and it is already getting to the point I want it cut again. i was reading the above comment that someone left you about no one opening the change room door when you are dressing and it made me laugh because I experienced this today in walmart. Thankgoodness there was no one there to see me sporting my bra and panties!
When Steve came home from Calgary last time he sent me out with $$$ to shop and I didn't know what to do withmyself!

Anonymous said...

i am feeling the same way about my hair these days... love your new haircut. and what a cute story of micah.

Donna said...

Alone time is AWESOME!! ( i think I need some soon)

Just wait until Keziah is older, she will do like Micah, except girls always pull up their skirts or dresses for some reason! Cute story!

the salmon said...

i almost feel shy to leave a comment when you obviously have so many commentors (unlike my blog these days :( ) but great post. fun stories. great hair, you look super!

anyway, i'm having a lonely evening tonight while derek works til dark but its all for a common good (debts are shrinking) but evenings alone are hard :(

take care