Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another day, another blog

I haven't been very motivated to blog lately and I'm not sure why. I think it's just life! I wake up every morning with a list of big plans for my day and end up only accomplishing about half of what I set out to do. I feel like I'm just trying to keep up with the regular household duties, and meanwhile other projects - like starting Keziah's scrapbook or finally finishing thank-you cards from her baby gifts - are distant dreams...

Mealtimes are becoming hour-long ordeals - nursing Keziah and then maybe topping her up with a bottle, and then feeding her solids, plus making food for Micah (and trying to get him to eat something from all the food groups), not to mention making something for myself. It'll be nice when Keziah can feed herself - and when I can make the same thing for her and Micah.

I also haven't been feeling that great this week. I've heard something's going around so I'm hoping it'll go away on its own. I've just had stomach cramps and back-ache and just an overall bleh feeling. It's weird (and no, I'm not pregnant!) I wondered if it could be some recurring kidney stone issues. The feeling is slightly similar but not nearly as severe as the labour-like pains I experienced last time (yes, passing kidney stones is very comparable to giving birth!) So, we'll see what happens...

We're revisiting bedtime battles again with Micah. He just keeps coming out of his room. Last night Erik finally sat beside his bed only to have Micah scream so hard that he threw up all over his sheets. We've tried the Supernanny approach and it worked for awhile. Maybe we just needed to stick with it a bit better. Naptimes aren't bad at all. I think bedtime is different because Daddy's home and Daddy's lots of fun - more fun than Mom. Anyway, I think I might have to shorten his nap a little bit and see if it helps. But if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm open!

I haven't taken too many pictures this week, but here's a couple shots of the kids from a few days ago.

Little Picasso hard at work:

Keziah watching and learning from her big bro:

That's all for tonight! Erik & Micah are just heading out to pick up some dessert treats for us - yummy!


Erin said...

I love your new blog look! Very cute! I'm lovin' your new hair too, by the way! I've been wrestling with the idea of chopping off my hair lately and getting more of a "mommy" hair cut, BUT...I'm scared! I've been growing it for so long, and I know that as soon as I chop it I'll want it back, BUT Noah is always grabbing it and then it's in his fingers, etc etc...

I don't know that i have any words of wisdom about the whole "bedtime" thing...Taylor is 6 and I still find it a struggle MOST nights to get her in bed. Like, Bedtime is 8, she's usually awake until 10...:-( She was used to watching TV at bedtime and then right before Noah was born I stopped letting her as I do't think it's good to let her sleep with the TV on, and Supernanny said that they don't sleep well when TV is on...she's totally right, taylor wants to do other things at bedtime like color, etc...ahhhhhh, the joys of being a mom and the struggles we have eh, I will fully admit though that I have caused this struggle myself with her!!! Anyhow, sorry for the little "rant" comment!! I hope that Micah has a better night tonight, and that you enjoy your dessert!!!!

Anonymous said...

The blog looks great Jamie! Nice job! I know how you feel about not having blogging motivation. Don't feel guilty. I'm glad to see you are having fun with your kids instead! I was going to ask you, do you pronounce your name like "TAVES" or "TOES"? We have both around here.

Jamie said...

Heather - We pronounce it "taves" though most other Toews' around here go by "toes". When we were at Bethany Erik got the nickname Little "taves-y" since his older cousin was called "taves-y". That's where the blog name came from since I thought it was kind of a fitting title for a blog about our little family :)

Laura said...

like your new look as well, your hair and your blog
i don't know exactly how old Micah is but have you considered not napping him at all? sarah gave up naps around 2 1/2 much to my dismay but she sure fell asleep fast by 7:30 and slept a good 12 hours most nights
kids are so hard to figure out and then just when you think you found something that works, it stops working - I share in your frustration and can sympathize with your marathon mealtimes!

Jon & Bonnie said...

Love the new look Jamie (the hair AND the new blog) :) Very cool!
Looking forward to catching up on all of your posting while we were away!

Michelle said...

Hey Jamie! Where do you find the new layouts for your blog? I would love to update mine but can't find any. If you could let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks :o)

Ron and Raine said...

Hey Jamie!
I LOVE the new look on your blog! A great choice for the header. I don't have any advice for you about Micah, but I will keep you in my thoughts a prayers as you figure out what to do. Just remember that you are a great mom and an encouragement to me!

Charlotte said...

Hey Jamie,

Love the new blog template! Sorry you're not feeling well - hope the "blah" feelings disappear soon. Also praying God will give you wisdom for all the decisions you have to make each day. :) You are a great mom!


Anonymous said...

That is a cute name for your blog! I thought it would also be cute if it was "Little Toesies" - also suitable. :) Just a heads up - my hubby, James and I are thinking very seriously about making an impromto trip to BC during the week of June 25. We would likely fly to Vancouver, and then drive to Kelowna - meaning we'd pass right by your place! I would LOVE it if we could meet, even if it was just for lunch. (I also want to hit IKEA of course). Let me know, and we'll see if we can't make it work somehow.

kelly said...

Hi Jamie,
Love the new blog...i guess we were kind of forced to change them, but the new look is great!
i understand the challenge of getting things done during the day...i may not have 2 kids, but having one kid and working part time has its challenges too :)
see you sunday?

Summer said...

Love the new blog look. If you keep up with the Supernanny tricks with bedtime. I'm sure Micah will get the hint and stay in his bed. Don't give up! He will get the hint eventually. Good Luck

Hope you feel better soon!

the salmon said...

re: comments about pronouncing your name. i thought it was "two-s" or "tews", and if not that, than Toes. so i'm totally thown off by Taves. wow, i'm not from around these parts, if you couldnt tell.


see, i thought your blog name was pronounced like little "Toesies", as in feet, in a play on words type manner.