Sunday, January 04, 2009

A New Year

Erik and I had the perfect New Year's eve - a quiet evening, kids sent to bed early, treats from the store and several episodes of 24 (we just recently got into season 1). I barely made it to midnight - heading up to bed at about 11:30. I was just drifting off to sleep when Erik came up and said "Happy New Year's!"

2009 brought with it a fresh blanket of snow - kind of a nice covering for the melting slushy mess we had before. Our Christmas tree was relegated to the patio last week and it looked so festive and frosty out there on New Year's morning...

We took the kids up to Eagle Mountain Park that morning. We had lots of fun snowsliding down the slides - they were super slippery!

It was also the perfect snow for snowman making - it's hard to even see it in all the white of this picture...

Beautiful snow covered trees:

Micah had a bit of a meltdown that afternoon - crying for his whole hour of "quiet time" for some reason. I guess he was just super-tired, because he when he came downstairs he promptly fell asleep on my lap.

As for a potty update, things are going really well. On day 5 Keziah was still having the occasional accident - usually when I forgot to put her on the potty. Fortunately she seems to be able to hold it for quite awhile. She's been dry for her naps the last 4 days. She also kept dry while we had our excursion to the park the other morning. The most exciting moment was Day 3 when she pooped in her little portable potty. Before she poops she often walks around saying "tummy aches" - I don't think she really has a tummy-ache, but I guess that's her way of describing what she's feeling. So, I put on a video and plopped her on the little potty and she succeeded! I was so excited I almost wanted to take a picture of it! (Anyone see that episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8??) Unfortunately on Friday she waited until she was in her diaper at nap-time before she pooped. So, we'll still have to work on this.
From Friday to Saturday I got to escape with the girls from our Life Group for a night out in Vancouver. One of the girls' parents has a condo downtown that we were able to stay in. It was a weekend of chocolate, shopping and no kids! It snowed most of the day on Saturday, but it didn't slow us down :) Erik was Mr. Mom and kept up with Keziah's potty-training quite well! He said she had no accidents while I was away and even started telling him when she needed to go. Things are going so well that we confidently put her in underwear for church this morning (with back-up clothes in my purse of course).

I came home feeling incredibly tired and sore from all the walking we did in Vancouver. I can tell I'm starting to "waddle" since I felt a lot of tightness in my hips this morning. Overall I'm feeling quite huge and uncomfortable already. Sleeping has become a bit of a nuisance - switching from my left side to my right side and back to my left all night long (poor Christina had to share a bed with me the other night!) The good thing is that now that Christmas is over and I'm getting close to 30 weeks it's starting to feel like the countdown is on for this little one!


Trev and Rebekah said...

I was wondering how the potty training was going. When Is. took his first poop on the potty we took a picture! He was going once a day for the most part but in the last week he suddenly got scared of the toilet. Oh well, he's still young. I plan on really training in once we are back home in April.
See you tomorrow.

kelly said...

great pictures of the kids in the snow!
congratulations on Keziah's success thus far. I know that the #2 was a bit of an issue for Taeya for a few weeks. She was scared or something, for a while, but she eventually got over it. i hope she continues to move forward in this new freedom!
glad you got a weekend away :)

Anonymous said...

congrats to keziah for doing so well with the potty training!
makes me confident for trying with teresia soon:)

have a great week and some rest for the baby&you:)


p.s.: when i started to feel all "waddly" i wore a "hip-belt" (my dr recommend it); i really liked it, because it eases all the pain and sore feelings and pressure in the last weeks....

Rosanna Toews said...

I love you guys and have missed you. Looking forward to seeing you all!