Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday & Today



Full House!

Snowsuit :)






Smiles :)




Amber said...

that picture of you all around the table...can you imagine 4 kids that small and one on the way??! :)

your kiddies have such beautiful blue eyes! and you look gorgeous in that closeup shot.

patti said...

i just can't fathom such season changes from one day to the next!

must be fun to wake up every morning and not know what to expect. haha

Trev and Rebekah said...

Fun post!
If you have any good pics of the kids I'd love some. I took some pictures when we had your kids but nothing really turned out.

Anonymous said...

micah and look so alike!

we had the same change of weather, but the other way around:)

have a good week!


Wenona said...

I agree with Patti - I can't imagine such extremes. Keeps ya on your toes I guess!
Cute post!

Bonnie said...

Really cute post Jamie! You always take such adorable pictures.

Praying that the rest of your pregnancy is filled with good things. Lots of energy, pampering, comfortable sleeps & encouragement.

Karen said...

You don't have to use too many words to make a great post! :)

Amber said...

less than 50 days to go?! unbelieveable!! that's so exciting!!

Rosanna Toews said...

Great pictures Jamie!

GSFALK said...

Pictures are worth 1000+ words! Tonight with our int'l friends we were talking about how with digital we're so free to snap pics, instead of thinking about the cost like in the good old days! Thanks for keeping us connected through your blog.

Summer said...

Great photos!!!

I am waiting for spring to arrive!!

Jen said...

Spring. How I long for Spring. Totally jealous if your spring is just around the corner. I keep telling myself, "I like Saskatchewan, I like Saskatchewan, I like Saskatchewan."